Hello, I have been experiencing various issues with Assassin's Creed Unity the last few days and I was hoping that someone can help fix the problems I have been experiencing.

First, I have not been able to play any kind of co-op or multiplayer for at least the last couple of days, maybe even longer. I only first noticed this 2 or 3 days ago.

Second, I am not 100% sure about my in-game assassin rank, but I believe I was at least an "elite champion" or even higher. For some reason, the assassin rank reset itself to "assassin".

Thirdly, my game is now experiencing some kind of "crash". I am able to join the game, but all it allows me to do is toggle between the map and game-play. But once I am in game, I cannot move or press any other buttons. The screen rotates, but that's it. I have seen other posts about using fast travel, but I think we shouldn't have to do that to work around it.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

Please help, I am not able to find any sort of answers on the forums.