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    Ive just updated the bunker thread with all the previous season!
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    @flooodi: here some todos for you

    1. remove "PVP track times by ??."
    2. remove "Treasure Hunt map piece locations in world map by dutscher."
    3. add to Bunker "http://trials.bonxy.net/the-bunker by Bonxy"
    4. add to Bikes "Home-shack http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/home-shack.html by dutscher"
    5. add also to Bikes "Garage http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/garage.html by dutscher"
    6. Bonxy's Android & iOS link could be higher in the Worldmap list

    thanks in advance

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    Cleaned up some, and added some links.
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    Can u hack trials

    Can u

    Worldmap / Tracks

    Starting-line pictures
    of all tracks by flooodi (outdated, use dutchers below).
    Worldmap with all tracks, by dutscher.
    Medal times
    requirements to each track by dutscher.
    Android and iOS Leaderboards by Bonxy.
    Classification of Frontier tracks by difficulty by KarTanK (not included newest tracks).
    Top 10 Tutorials Learn how to make top10 times by carterclem7
    Improve your times table by dutscher.
    Trials Frontier Scoring Explained by xitooner.
    Highest coin payout by fuel by GeneralPeaceful.


    Candy Quest Guide
    by xitooner.
    Cube Quest (part1)
    by CasuallyDressed.
    Cube Quest (part 2)
    by CasuallyDressed.
    Slot machine levels by xitooner.


    Bike Upgrade Requirements by the_hezy.
    Bike Upgrade Cost Calculator by b4tr0x.
    Thread with List of Paintjobs & Customs by dutscher.
    Garage with all bikes&paints by dutscher.
    Home-shack - Outfit wardrope by dutscher.
    Stallion + Launch Jump = Exploration!!! (Time Savers, New Access, etc.) by Theelf.
    How to Donkey guide by lesorsier.


    The Bunker Statistics
    by xitooner.
    Best Showdown Wins by carterclem7.
    The Bunker Season prices by dutscher.
    Bunker seasons and statistics by Bonxy.

    Scoring explained by xitooner.[/QUOTE]
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    Originally Posted by guest-8mBkxOAz Go to original post
    Can u
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    Man midnight circuit is messed up again I did the first track but after It finished and the second one came up it only let me race it once I've been trying to get it to load all day I even deleted trials and RE downloaded it and it still want work on my phone or tablet. Any suggestions?
    Also does anyone know if their ever going to give us the opportunity to complete the ktm's again I finished one but I need 8 pieces for the other and it has been maybe six months since they gave us a chance to win any of those pieces which is super frustrating. I ride dirt bikes and street bikes as hobby and the stallion and donkey bikes don't really interest me but I ride a ktm in real life and was excited to get to play it in the game. I really wish ubisoft would rectify these problems. Thanks.
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    Trials frontier fix the ****ing challenge section this is two weeks in a row that the controls want work correctly in that part of the game I've went from rank 5 to 9 because you're game is malfunctioning I'm not gonna continue to play a game every day and I'm certainly not going to buy golden tickets if you guys are going to continue scamming us. I understand a glitch every now and then I check for updates regularly but this bull ****. Also could please give us the opportunity to complete the ktm bikes I need about 7 pieces to finish the one I have unfinished and it's been over 6 months since we could earn those pieces in any section of the game when I think of the time and money I have wasted I again feel like you guys have scammed us. I used to regularly recommend this game to anyone who was into motor sports or gravity based games I don't know if I can do that in good conscience anymore.

    Sincerely, Disappointed Trials Frontier Enthusiast
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