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    Originally Posted by toymachinesh Go to original post
    You don't need the disc...


    it's right there, buy it.

    Yup, Disk Import Tool is just a name.

    Could have been named something else to make it more clear.

    I have the original disk version of Rocksmith 1, I have only ever used the disk once for the first install a long time ago way before Rocksmith 2014, and never used it again.
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    "Hello Corey,

    Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

    We apologize for the delay.

    The songs you are referring are downloadable content for the original Rocksmith game.

    Unfortunately, Steam does not control which songs are available for which version of Rocksmith; that is handled by the developer/publisher."

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    The problem is that this is apparently the first instance of a software developer attempting to make the same dlc compatible and available for multiple games. Steam's system is not capable of having 2 title designations assigned to the dlc, so it's either one or the other. The customer support rep is saying that the publisher determines what title goes in the title designation field -- it's not set by Steam, nor would they change it without the publisher saying so.

    As discussed above, this problem was overlooked by UbiSoft prior to launch and only discovered when their customers started trying to get songs.
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    What other companies in the industry are doing is put an in house liaison. For instance, microsoft has many other companies working inside their walls or nearby the headquarters. When an issue arises with a product they physically work with them and report back to their corporate headquarters the progress. One reason your starting to see more transparency with Xbox live across xbox, windows and phone platforms. With steam headquarters being just north of microsoft it might be worth it to talk to ubisoft and other developers about a satellite office.

    After all, even when a developer calls to resolve an issue it's still just a phone call. But a meeting with corporate puts a fire under the people that make the change. Sony, however may be a different story, especially eu.
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