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    Mushidoz' Campaign Help Guide

    In order to further provide help to newcomers, here is a "walkthrough" for the campaigns.
    If you haven't read my "help for newcomers" yet, I suggest you do first.

    You can find it here - http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...-for-Newcomers

    Please note that I will not provide full decks to use to beat the campaign because I think it will do you more good if you use the campaign to learn the game,
    and so spoon feeding you everything will not be helping.

    Keep in mind that I assume you are doing a non-open run of the campaign and that you are using the starter heroes (1/1/2 seekers). If a tip is for "dark users", and you have a hero with dark opened from a pack, the trick will apply to you, regardless of the faction.

    About the Campaign:

    The campaign allows "Open" cards and does not follow the regular rules of deck building. With that in mind, you can very easily defeat them with pure standard decks.
    Also note that it uses the old turn1/turn2 mechanics, meaning that when you fight against players, you will see the "Dragon Crystal" pop up and you won't be able to raise your stats up on the first turn.
    Finally, some of these campaigns will have more details than others.. because frankly, some of these are ridiculous easy and shouldn't require much help or strategy to plow through.

    General Tips:

    The campaign AI is fairly horrible and predictable. You can use that to your advantage to breeze through even the harder campaigns.

    The campaign AI always attack with a creature. You can use that to predict your retaliation damage, or to put a creature like void wraith and count on that free dmg.
    That also means if your hero has access to dark magic (the half-moon symbol), you can use the card named Cursed Bound. That card will obliterate the AI so much you won't even need to play at this point.

    My suggestion is that for beating the campaigns, your very first step is to put up to 4 Void Wraiths in every single deck you use for the campaign for all 6 factions (you can also put the academy fortune that brings back prime creatures from the graveyard to further increase your free dmg). If your hero has dark magic, put as many "Cursed Bound" as possible too. Similarly, if your hero has Light Magic, put as many "Blinding Light" as possible - the AI will think the lane is blocked and you will have free dmg every turn on that lane

    You can play any way you want the campaign. My personal recommendation (if you want to maximize your gains / have the easiest time), is to beat one mission at a time with all 6 factions before moving on to the next. That way you will get cards along the way and become stronger / richer every time. Alternatively, when you reach harder campaigns, you might want to plow through more than one missions ahead with the decks that you have the easiest time with before moving on to the "harder" factions to complete the campaign with.

    Finally, do not be afraid of duplicate a deck and fiddle with it just so that it can beat the ONE mission that you have trouble with.. and if you have the worst hand EVER, you do not have to play it - simply exit and reload the mission. This can save you a lot of time.


    - Vradek's Crossing 1/5
    His Strategy: He will use a bunch of fortunes to gain more production and drop more creatures on the battleground. One of these creatures is a wall creature with magic resist (it takes half dmg from magic).
    Your strategy: Pay attention to creatures with "Physical damage", as they can plow through the wall creature. Otherwise, you can just move your creature on a different lane and ignore that wall thing (it cannot move)

    - A Pirate in the Woods 1/5
    His Strategy: Bunch of fortunes to gain production, lots of low cost creatures, he will try to rush you.
    Your strategy: No real strategy or tips needed, this is fairly straightforward. He will not always attack with the mercenary, use that to your advantage if needed..

    - Darkwood Forest 1/5
    Her Strategy: Annoying necro creatures with poison, Cursed Bound
    Your strategy: You can powerlane and rush her (2 creatures on the same lane). I do not recommend blocking her creatures, not needed here as long as you can plow her hp faster. No strategy needed here tbh.

    - Mountain Marauders 1/5
    Her Strategy: High dmg ranged centaur + flyer creatures. She buffs them with resistance against ranged and uses a spell that damages all non-flyer creatures.
    Your strategy: No real strategy needed. Pay attention to your HP, out-damage her. Use melee creatures and flyers to kill her ranged if need be. Her ranged creatures have fairly low HP, you should deal with them easy. Very often she won't even drop a single creature in the entire fight, so powerlane the crap out of her.

    - Demonic Infestation 2/5
    His Strategy: Sweep attack creatures, direct damage fortunes
    Your strategy: Not a difficult campaign, but much harder than the previous ones. Against sweep, it is often recommended to deploy creatures in a zigzag pattern - you can also leave a creature with sweep without a creature in front of it if you can afford to tank the damage. Powerlane will also work against that campaign, but only if you do not place that powerlane in front of a creature with "fireblast" (or if you can survive it, or if you can kill the creature before it attacks)
    * Dark magic --> Cursed Bound will destroy him. Highest damage creature he pulls out has 4 I believe, and it cannot be controlled, meaning it will attack every turn all the time. If you are academy, you can put a creature with "Evade" in front, and have him cursed with as many cursed bound as possible and it should damage Garant up to 12 dmg per turn...
    * Void Wraiths --> Have 4 in your deck, place them where they will get killed by sweep for a free 12 dmg (you just need to rush some early hp and you have an easy victory with any of the faction)

    Void Rising:

    - Denstadt's Catacombs 2/5
    His Strategy: Lots of poison creatures + his hero ability (infect also).
    Your strategy: Infect is annoying (necro is..), and unfortunately this is also one of these missions that don't have a clear strategy other than just play normally and try to deal as much damage as possible to his hp and have the strongest powerlane as possible.
    His creature's damage output is not really high, but beware they inflict poison counters on you, and he will amplify those with other combo cards. You can allow yourself to tank his creature's attack dmg with your hero if you want to avoid being poisoned. Make sure you have strong powerlanes ( dmg) and you should dispose of him fairly easily.

    - The Caves 2.5/5
    His strategy: Vampires, high hp creatures, kill your low cost creatures in one shot with fortunes
    Your strategy: This one can be surprisingly difficult when he gets a good hand. Though nothing that cannot be solved through powerlanes and outrushing. Beware of his fortune that kills low cost creatures and try not to let him get into the late game, otherwise he will drop super vampires that can be hard to dispose of if you do not have powerful removal.

    - Fleshbane 2/5
    His strategy: Incorporeal (all of his creatures take half dmg from physical attack, fortunes, and events)
    Your strategy: They give you a free Lich (deals 2 magic dmg), keep it alive and use it to your advantage. Protect it with creatures, and with magic creatures if possible.
    Do not be afraid of going to the deck builder and create a temporary deck for that one (with lots of magic creatures and/or dmg spells). I highly recommend you put "Lesser Air Elementals" x4 for this one if you do not have a good selection of magic creatures available. Without magic dmg, this 2/5 can become a 3/5 in difficulty, oddly enough.

    - Shaar's Vengence 0/5 or 1/5
    Her Strategy: Flying creatures, attack anywhere harpies, moving your creatures around, attack ground creatures..? I have no idea
    Your strategy: Sometimes she will move your creatures from one spot to another for 3-4 turns and do nothing else than that. When she does have creatures, they aren't that hard to dispose of (low hp, or they can be easily blocked due to being flyers)

    - A Wizard Far From Home 3/5
    Her strategy: An event will tax your hp everytime you play creatures and have no production remaining. This will also increase the cost of the creatures you deploy. She likes to prevent you from attacking, and has a lot of creature removal. She will also try to empty your graveyard and try to deal damage to you through a prime spell.
    Your strategy:
    If you have water magic: Focused mind will help a lot
    If you have dark magic: Same as usual, cursed bound is ridiculous
    If you have "Week of the Nethermancer" events: Double edged sword, but you can empty her graveyard and have her slowly burn herself through her own spell (very good event to have in your decks otherwise anyway)
    Void Wraiths: These guys will eat a good chunk of her hp right away
    If you have "Week of the Sanctuary" events: She has a lot of single target removal spells. That event should be in any of your decks

    The most important part of that fight is making sure you gauge your hero HP well. No cards in your graveyard will damage you once she uses her prime spell, having one creature unprotected to block her creatures will most likely end up dying and netting you hero dmg. Using lots of creatures will deal damage to you. Make sure to evaluate how much dmg you can take from these sources, and try and fill the board as much as possible with these calculations in mind and you should plow through her fairly well.

    Herald of the Void:

    - Adar-Malik 2.5/5 or 3/5
    His strategy: Very high HP creatures with pretty high attack. Brings them back from the dead to further block you.
    Your strategy: As you are probably aware by now, every necropolis mission is annoying to play against. Get used to it.

    Cursed Bound: He has a lot of good candidate to use cursed bound on. Pick any creature with 3 hp and stack the curse
    Void Wraiths: Again, free 12 dmg
    If you have access to Light Magic: Use blinding light on the hounds with "Fear 3".
    If you have the "Rise of the Nethermancer" event: It can be a good idea to remove a particularly annoying creature out of the graveyard after you killed it if you reach the point where he uses his hero ability.
    4 Might: You might want to have more 4 might creatures than normal in your deck if you do not run a lot of removal. Creatures with immune to retaliation or as much attack as possible.

    - Noboru 3.5/5 or 4/5
    His strategy: Light of tomorrow (brings back cards from the graveyard to his hand), blockers, keeps you in place, enchant spells that make your life miserable, etc.
    Your strategy: He is dangerous. Very dangerous, but here are some ideas to help you

    You need to bring "Day of the Dead" events in your deck to kill your own creatures, otherwise he will grind you down with annoying dark magic. He has a unique spell that kills your creature every turn and comes back to his hand. You need to kill your creature before it does (or dispel it with prime magic)
    You also need to have "Rise of the Nethermancer" events if you have any. That way everytime you kill a strong creature you can banish it from the graveyard and it will not come back in his hand through Light of Tomorrow
    If you have the "Cosmic Balance" event: You can put 1 or 2 of those. Eventually he will have LOTS of cards in hand, so you can purge them (not the best strategy, but it could help)
    If you have access to Light Magic: Blinding light on any of his melee creature will help you a great deal.
    If you have access to dark magic: Cursed Bound, again.
    If you have access to prime magic: Curse of the Nethermancer is a card that can be good to grind some dmg to him AND to force him to dispose of his cards in his graveyard. Could be a good idea to have some of those around.
    Void Wraiths: As many of you have.

    - Dhamiria 3/5
    Her strategy: She uses inferno creatures!.. no specific strategy whatsoever I believe.
    Your strategy: Not much to say here. If you completely lose the board, keep in mind that if you are lucky she might use "Doombringer" and that by killing it, it will clear the entire board.

    - Hakeem 2.5/5 or 3/5
    His strategy: He uses a mix of 3 things - low dmg creatures that he buffs with events, high dmg/hard to hit beastmen creatures, and phased creatures.
    Your strategy: Again, cursed bound (on the 5 attack rakshasa) and void wraiths will work (as usual), so will blinding light. It is not particularly a difficult mission, but yet alone not the easiest either. There isn't really a specific strategy to beat him as there isn't any specific things he does that make him stand out that much. Bring some "Day of the Sanctuary" if you have any, as he tends to use single target removal.
    You might want to make sure you have some dmg spells to get rid of his "phased creatures", OR you can also powerlane in front of the phased creature and deal as much dmg as possible. As long as you have other creatures, he should block them and leave your top as "guarded", so it will have free dmg on the hero the next turn. Creatures with "Hypnotize" in sanctuary will be useful against creatures that have "evade".

    - Kieran's Return 3/5 or 3.5/5
    His strategy: Mass rage (you cannot control your creatures, they simply auto attack every turn)
    Your strategy: As much as I hate massrage when I play against players, this has to be one of my favourite missions in the campaigns. This one is a "blocker" for many people, it is considered hard by many, but it really isn't when you play what you are doing.

    Dark magic: You will rarely have an easier set-up for cursed bound than in that fight. You can simply cripple all the creatures except for one and have cursed bound on it and have the poor Kieran kill himself
    Void Wraiths: You put one in front of a creature he dropped on the field, and you watch as he deals himself 3 hp
    Light elementals: They have "preemptive strike", meaning they will deal their 3 dmg retaliation before the enemy damages them. Use that against melee and flyer enemy creatures.
    If you have light magic: If you have light magic, and you have "blinding light", use that big time. Not only will you attack through the creature, but it won't fight back and the AI will think that the lane is blocked. Free dmg
    If you have water magic: Put as many "Focused Mind" as you can for that mission only, and you will have the easiest game ever.
    Academy: If you have "Captive Djinns", use them to cleanse massrage.. though you might want to abuse of Hakeem's cursed bound dark spell
    Haven: If you have Angel Commander, use that creature and remove the massrage if you have to. Or you can abuse of your team's high retaliation stat (Wolf Priest for instance will be insane in that matchup)
    Stronghold: Put as many "bloodthirst" creatures as possible in your deck, along with as many "enrage" creatures.
    Immune to retaliation: Creatures with "Immune to retaliation" are going to have a big advantage in that mission.
    Sanctuary: You can force the enemy to drop creatures on your desired lane if you have the Coral Ohyaku creature from Heart of Nightmare. You can also move creatures around with Outanoeuver. You can also use honor to increase your dmg and retaliation and be murderous - worse if you use Focused Mind.
    Inferno: Powerlane, immune to retaliation, sweep, fire magic, Hellfire Maniac, Bloaters. This shouldn't be a difficult matchup.
    Necropolis: You have dark magic and the possibility of having an entire deck with only creatures that have "immune to retaliation"

    Forgotten Wars:

    - Crusaders 2/5
    His Strategy: consists of having more damage when his creatures' hp is max. He will use healing on his creatures nad hope to stall the game until he regenerates his own hero hp every time he summons a creature.
    Your strategy: You have to rush him or control his creatures with spells. If you manage to kill his creatures as they are spawned and you can deal dmg to his hero along the way, you will not have much trouble with him. If you want you can also put the events "Month of the spider queen" in your deck, which will completely screw him up

    - The Proud Sayamas 2/5
    His strategy: He will try to fill the board one creature at a time until he has a full board and then use a fortune that will skyrocket his dmg for this one turn. He will also bounce your creatures back into your hand whenever he can.
    Your strategy: No real strategy here other than trying to kill his creatures as they come. You shouldn't have much trouble with him.

    - The Orcs of the Sahaar 1/5 or 4.5/5
    Her strategy: Beat the living crap out of you with quick attack, swift, and war tents
    Your strategy: Another "fan favourite" here :P This mission can be one of the hardest or one of the easiest depending on what you do. Here is my faction-by-faction solution.

    General: She has a total of 13 cards. Use that to your advantage. Also keep in mind that any creature killed through combat dmg (not spells) on a wartent will also destroy that tent. Also keep in mind that your normal Hp by turn 3 should be around 11. Make sure you put creatures with retaliation points in front of the goblins, they will kill themselves and you will have a building destroyed.
    Academy: Hakeem has dark magic AND he has earth magic. Cursed Bound X4, Soul Reaver X4, insect swarm X4, cards that inflict cripple.. you should not have trouble getting rid of his creatures, or making them deal 0 dmg. Your priority is killing 3 hp Harpy with insect swarm and killing the 6 hp swift harpy with soul reavers (or put Cursed Bound on them!!). If you still have too much trouble and you have these cards, include them --> Fissure, Landslide, Nature's Revenge (they destroy buildings and dmg creatures)
    Haven: Blinding light on the big 6 hp swift Harpies will seal the deal. Otherwise, you can stack creatures with "preemptive strike" and have a fairly easy time (all you need then is to dispose of the swift 6 hp harpies with spells or creature *she has 4 total). Creatures with premptive strikes include "Lesser Elemental" and "Wolf Priest"
    Inferno: Inferno has its own unique way of making this one a piece of cake (you can just be inferno and win easy though) -> stack cards with discard effects, and laugh as she has no card to play and loses 1 hp per turn. If you have the unique inferno fortune "Garant's Purge", for example, you will be able to destroy all the copies of the card you selected, meaning she will pass from 13 cards to 9 cards right away (Taskmaster Maniac, Lacerator.. these creatures will reduce that number to 3 or 4 cards total).
    Necropolis: Kings of dark magic and cripple.. and you have immune to retaliation and lifesteal with vampires to mow away at the harpies. Use geyser to kill the 3 hp harpies or to soften the 6 hp ones to destroy the building with creatures.
    Sanctuary: Dark Lotus Pond (if you have it) will take care of many of the annoying creatures she has. However, they are not exactly necessary. You only need to use geyser, outmanoeuvre creatures here and there, and make sure you deal creature dmg to them and you will destroy buildings one by one. You can also use fortunes and creatures to prevent them from attacking. If you need to, you can also freeze the creature in place with creatures that have "Hypnotize"
    Stronghold: Earth magic here again. All of your creatures can destroy theirs, but you can use insect swarm to kill the 3hp harpies that go back to her hand, or to soften the 6hp ones. You can also include the earth spells that destroy building if you have it (fissure is the best one out of the 3).

    - Ignatius 2/5
    His strategy: He will discard you and use inferno creatures!.. He has a tendancy of using "Fear3" building/creatures.
    Your strategy: No real strategy or tips needed here I believe, though you of course want to save your removals (dmg spells for example) for when he will drop his fear 3 building or fear2 creatures (if you cannot attack them). Don't powerlane too much, he uses bloaters.

    - Creatures of the Rift 4/5 or 4,5/5
    Her strategy: Mill (taking your cards away from your deck straight to the graveyard), creature removal
    Your strategy: Your goal here is not so much preventing her from damaging you, but instead preventing her from milling your cards. You do not want to kill the Void Shade unless necessary (it's okay if it attacks your hero or if you only block it and don't fight back), you do not want to attack her creatures when one of her fortunes are up unless necessary, you do not want to let that 2drop creature attack your hero directly, etc.
    There are sadly no other specific strategies to help against that one, and she is one of the most dangerous of the entire campaign in my opinion.

    SPECIAL: With inferno, if you want to have an easier time against her, I suggest you get "Garant's Purge" from the altar of wishes (if you plan on main-ing inferno and want to play Garant I mean). You then use that fortune on "Void Shade" and you will make this a much easier fight. It is however not obligatory.


    Five Towers -- What is special with this set of missions is that every one of them you will have a building already in play on the enemy side.

    - Ariana of the Severed Fates 5/5
    Her strategy: Removal.
    Building: Provides regeneration and gives infect to the creature sitting on it
    Your strategy: If you don't hate necropolis by now, you probably will after that mission.

    General: You need the event "Day of the Sanctuary" here. You absolutely do. Your worst enemy here is Ariana - she's a b****. She will put all sort of counter on your creatures, and then instant kill them with her ability (or with spells if she didn't manage to put a counter on you..).
    Make sure you avoid putting a creature in front of the building on your first turns, you want her to stay away from that building.

    Academy: The usual Cursed Bound + Void Wraiths will work against that fight, but the Void Wraiths are likely to get killed through poison by her annoying spitters. With Hakeem's earth magic, you should include 1 or 2 Landslide in your deck. If you got that far into the campaigns, you should have bought some BS2 decks by now, and hopefully got lucky enough to get at least 1 spell that destroy building (if not landslide, then fissure)
    Haven: The Cleansing Priestess probably will help (if you lucked out and got her from a Sins of Betrayal pack). You want to spam barracks here, and try and get it as high as possible in dmg to kill Ariana before she can get creatures out as well as throwing 2-3-4 removal per turns. Also, please include as many "Blinding Light" as possible in your deck. If you can get it on the creature on the building, then do so.
    Inferno: If you have Garant's Purge, then purge her Decay Spitters as soon as possible. Otherwise? Try to rush her, try to deal as much direct dmg on her as possible, use day of sanctuary on your creatures and use town portal to make sure you deal dmg to the hero.
    Necropolis: Cursed Bound, Void Wraiths, geyser, soul reaver, alone in the dark.. try to deal as much dmg to the enemy hero to get you in range for your late game to have as little as possible to do (because late game she is very hard to stop)
    Sanctuary: It is going to be a hard fight. I would recommend tunnel vision all-out trying to deal dmg to Ariana with no care for your HP, by relocating creatures left and right to give you a clear line of attack. Honor, Honor Binds us All, all that will help you, so will creatures and fortunes that put "cannot attack" on a creature. Her spiders are the main problem you will encounter. On the plus side, the Fountain Spirit drop2 creature are AMAZING against Ariana.
    Stronghold: Ariana's ability works on your enrage and bloodthirst counters. No real strategy for stronghold (there never is, it's always mostly brute force - and it works). You can and should however include Landslide in your deck if you have it. You have to take out the building or else that lane is doomed.

    - Phrias, Prince of Annihilation 3.5/5 or 4/5
    His Strategy: Gate to Sheogh
    Building: You discard a card if a creature on it attacks your hero, when an inferno creature sits on it neither player will be able to draw cards.
    Your strategy: This can either be super easy, or near impossible.

    General: Gate to Sheogh is all luck dependant, sometimes he will get a huge insane creature on the field, sometimes he will waste his hand and turns and you won't even see him use a card. The building is powerful, but probably not enough to warrant picking landslide JUST for that mission. You can still find it worthwhile.

    Academy: Fill the board with low cost creatures, wait for him to get a Abyssal Lord on the field, and spam Cursed Bound on him. You don't need to do anything else.
    Haven: Deal as much damage as you can, as fast as possible. Whenever Phrias gets an abyssal lord on the field, use "Broken Bridge" on it. If you have a token creature on that lane, then move it before you bridge.
    Inferno: Deal as much damage as you can, as fast as possible. Whenever Phrias gets an abyssal lord on the field, use "Broken Bridge" on it. Move your creatures away beforehand.
    Necropolis: Cursed Bound on Abyssal Lord
    Sanctuary: Same as inferno and Haven, but relocate creatures to maximize your bridges (when possible) and/or to deal direct dmg to the hero.
    Stronghold: Same strategy, except if you have enough bloodthirst on a creature you sometimes can deal enough dmg to one-shot the abyssal lord!

    - Akane, Mourner of Lost Memories 5/5
    Her strategy: Removal, drawing unhealthy amount of cards.
    Building: Draw 1 or 2 cards when a creature is on that building
    Your strategy: She is probably worse than Ariana, but her building is not "as" problematic (still I suggest using landslide)

    General: There isn't really a strategy to fight her, but if you have the event "Cosmic Balance", you will definately want to play it. Bring "Week of the Dead" too, she uses curse spells that you don't want to keep on you too long.

    Academy: Magic resist will work okay, milling cards will work fine, evade creatures will buy you enough time, cursed bound will give you free damage, void wraiths..
    Haven: Blinding Light, broken bridge, barrack and stack rushes. Have creatures with high retaliation, the AI will kill himself on them (when not using spells to remove them)
    Inferno: Same strategy as usual, direct damage deck and rush decks will work well. Garant's purge will be effective to kill annoying creatures too. Immune to retaliation will be prefered too.
    Necropolis: Immune to retaliation will be welcome against her big blocky creatures. Cursed Bound too..
    Sanctuary: Rush her. Kill creatures when you can, otherwise move creatures away from your line of attack and brutalize her as much as you can (won't be easy).
    Stronghold: Go stronghold on her (most useful tip ever?) Unlike your fight against Ariana, she does not instant kill your creatures with her ability because.. well she's not Ariana.

    - Kieran, Knight of Negation 3.5/5 or 4/5
    His Strategy: Production manipulation, retaliation, getting your cards in your hand (cleans the board, prevents you from playing cards, etc.)
    Building: 3 dmg is dealt to whatever attacked the creature on that building. Haven creatures gain preemptive strike.
    Your strategy: Most of the time he will use his cards in the bad order and do nothing to you. Other times, he will be very hard to fight.

    General: You will probably have to rebuild your board several times as he brings back all of your cards into your hand.. Make sure you stay away from his building lane, and you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. Board clean will be effective against him. Cursed bound and blinding light will NOT work well against him. He creatures hits hard, and you don't want him to have that many creatures on the board at the same time (keep that in mind).

    - Gazal, Herald of the Void sometimes 4/5 or 4.5/5, or sometimes 5/5
    Her strategy: Cheating. Events will damage you when you summon creatures.
    Building: Creatures gain magic 1 or 2 when a creature sits on the building.
    Special: She starts with 6 in all stats, and has access to 4 magic schools. Her entire deck is full of the highest cost creatures of every faction
    Your strategy:

    General: If you have "Cosmic Balance", let the Blind Brother live as long as you can, and use balance when you feel it.
    Avoid killing yourself too much with the event at the bottom (though sometimes you don't have a choice)
    Void Wraiths will help
    Make sure not to wake up the Shantiri Titan

    Academy: Get Cheap Death X4 to kill the gargoyles (or let them live so that they do not get replaced by much stronger creatures, your choice), or use the cheap death on the Imperial Guard. Use cursed bound on any big dmging creature you will see (he ONLY has big damage creatures anyway!), and then block with creatures, cripple everything else, and let her herself.
    Haven: Broken Bridge what you can (the big creatures), increase your stack, use blinding light (on the surging titan or Raging Cyclop preferably) and try to rush her hp as much as you can. It will be a difficult fight -- do NOT rely on magic damage creatures.
    Inferno: Get physical damage creatures and focus on brutalizing the hero as much as possible. Use "Town Portal" to open up a lane for juggernauts to hit her hard.
    Necropolis: Same as Academy.
    Sanctuary: Broken bridge what you can (the big creatures), dmg the hero when you can, use fortunes and creatures that put "cannot attack" on his creatures (but don't rely on that too much because he can become immune to fortunes), cross your fingers.
    Stronghold: No difference in your gamestyle, try and be as brutal as possible, open up lanes and attack the hero with maximum enrage / bloodthirst damage. Use a wartent + shredder if needed. Broken bridge can help against bigger creatures (until he becomes immune to fortunes). Do not "save" your sacrifical altar for too long for that same reason.
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    Akim0001 took the time to post videos in which he clears the campaign with all 6 factions with pretty much just the starter deck. While the execution is not 100% what I suggested doing in all of the campaigns (and he might make some mistakes here and there), the fact remains it shows how the campaign can be cleared with just the starters and by doing the general idea of what I suggested in this post and in my guide for newcomers. Thanks a lot Akim0001!

    **By Akim0001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpP28DoTTVY

    **By Akim0001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMHZc0PHXVw

    **By Akim0001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFQM7wzKytQ#t=48

    **By Akim0001: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs8q-...ature=youtu.be

    **By Akim0001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V49ctzmd-c

    **By Akim0001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSCqd3aEsq4
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    Originally Posted by Mushidoz Go to original post
    Akim0001 took the time to post a video in which he clears the campaign with Inferno with mostly a starter deck. While the execution is not 100% what I suggested doing in all of the campaigns (and he made some mistakes here and there), the fact remains it shows how the campaign can be cleared with just the starters and by doing the general idea of what I suggested in this post and in my guide for newcomers. Thanks Akim0001!

    Academy: N/A

    Haven: N/A

    **By Akim0001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFQM7wzKytQ#t=48

    **By Akim0001: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs8q-...ature=youtu.be

    Sanctuary: N/A

    Stronghold: N/A

    Actually I had all the videos but forgot to post them .

    Stronghold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSCqd3aEsq4

    Sanctuary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V49ctzmd-c

    Haven: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMHZc0PHXVw

    Academy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpP28DoTTVY
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    I remeber i tried to beat these campaigns with BS2 only cards, and only one deck for each faction, with no modifications between rounds to add up a little more difficulty ^^.
    The Shaar was the hardest match-up by far. Against a standard opponent with Shaar's deck, i would have stood no chance, but the AI madi it simpler. I hadn't thought at this time about cheap tricks like void wraith or cursed bounds though
    But these campaigns are good overall for new players. Definitely one of the best add-on to the game

    Good job with your guide Mushidoz !
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