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    Mushidoz' Help for Newcomers: Part 1

    EDIT: Keep in mind this guide is aimed at "free users" and "new or newer players". I am trying to maximize impact on deck vs chance of getting cards. Also note that Time of Renewal is an expansion that screwed everything up pretty hard. It added many overpowered cards to the game, and changed some of the "bad" cards of previous expansions and made them either strong or just plain overpowered (skeleton spearman being a good example). That expansion therefore complicates everything -- you will have some older prints of that expansion from the free packs gained with the campaigns / achievements, BUT you will want your hands on super hard to get cards which are super expensive in the altar of wishes.. so it is not like Base Set 2 (which is an expansion I -mostly- try to skip entirely until much later)

    About me:

    I created an account when I got here, had to recreate another (Mushidoz2) when they changed the campaign rewards (my main)), I helped my friend start his two accounts, and I created 3 other accounts for an achievement. In short, I know exactly what will maximize my gold / time when I start the game up, making me a good candidate for that kind of tips on the game. Plus I am in champ2 rank (park farming there with unranked games) and play without trouble against people that tryhard, despite playing non-meta decks, so I am not a bad player either.

    The sections are:

    ** Tip1: Starter Deck(s)
    ** Tip2: Which faction to start with?
    ** Tip3: Which starter deck to start with?
    ** Tip4: Easy Achievements
    ** Tip5: Open and Standard
    ** Tip 6: Deck Making - headsup for some cards
    ** Tip 7: Infernal Pit
    ** Tip 8: Altar of Wishes
    ** Tip 9: Hide Duplicate
    ** Tip 10: Campaigns + Campaign Walkthrough
    ** Tip 11.a + 11.b: What to buy for each factions / Ratio
    ** Tip 12: What to get from the altar early on
    ** Tip 13: Time of Renewal
    ** Tip 14: Emilio

    ** Tip 15: Rise of the Nethermancer (included on part 2)
    ** Tip 16: Life Hacks (included on part 2)


    ** Tip1: Starter Deck(s)

    When you start the game, you get to choose one starter deck for one faction out of six decks / six factions. However, you can have even more of those if you want. All you have to do is follow a referal link (mine will be added below) and create an account. This will give you all 6 starters PLUS an extra copy of one of the starters. Some of the cards you will get are going to give you a very good advantage early on to create very basic starter-ish decks that will be much stronger already than the regular starters.

    This is my referal link, though I recommend if you can find another for an active player to pick theirs instead, since I already have the achievement related to it (I am not greedy), but if you don't want to bother, please feel free to pick mine!!!


    ** Tip2: Which faction to start with?

    The six factions in a nutshell:

    Academy -- Academy is all about diversity in magic (they are the only faction that has access to all spell schools), and every one of their heroes feel like a different faction / gameplay. They have stall-oriented creatures and excel in late game. Some of their specialties (other than spell schools diversity) are creatures with spell resistance, drawing cards, milling cards (sending enemy cards from their card stack right towards the graveyard) and "tricky" to damage evasive creatures. Require more knowledge about the game and cardgames in general to pull off, but otherwise overpowered and ridiculously frustrating to play against. Not recommended to start with.

    Haven -- Used to be considered weak by many, Haven are actually one of the easiest to build and strongest faction in the game in my opinion.. Their specialties are healing, creature synergy, and are a defensive oriented faction. Their major drawback is that all of their heroes come with "Light Magic", which is a fairly bad spell school at the time of writing this. Not recommended to start with without knowing what you are doing, BUT, just reading my guide will tell you very precisely what to do to get to the level where they are definately one of the strongest decks you can get you hands on from the get-go. They require very little investment and all of their super good vital core cards are obtained from 1 or 2 expansions (making it easy to complete a super powerful deck with).

    Inferno -- Considered the most overpowered faction in SoB meta, inferno is a faction that is all-out offensive. Not always in their creatures' stats, but the effects they come with more or less always involve damaging your own creatures / hero / whatever to gain an aggressive effect on the board / game (for example, they have creatures that blow up and deal damage to an entiere lane, or creatures that force the enemy creatures in front of them to attack them to deal damage to them, etc.). Inferno's specialties are discarding and direct damage to heroes. Their creatures usually have HORRIBLE hp. They are very easy to play and start with, but not that easy to "master". Short term planning? You can abuse the inferno and win games you shouldn't win. Long term planning? They will surely get nerfed very hard in the up-coming expansions (or won't receive a single good card), so investing in inferno is probably not wise.

    Necropolis -- It was a general consensusby "pro" players that necropolis was one of the weakest factions in the game.. But I always disagreed hardly on that (and they were always the second most picked faction for as long as I was here). They were not the strongest, perhaps, but they were the serious title defenders for most annoying faction to play against (with close back and forth for that title with academy). Problem is they added more annoying / disgusting cards to them (claims the faction was too strong were denied) and so Necro is the current holder of most overpowered and biggest ******** faction in the game.... Faction specialties are creatures that are near unkillable other than via spells (creatures with massive regeneration, lifesteal, 50% physical damage resist, etc.), creatures that put permanant doom sentence on enemies on hit, along with creatures that make your creatures deal zero, creatures that instant kill, super cheap stat requirement to drop the creature, creature recursion (bring them back from the dead at little to no cost), and almost all of their heroes come with dark magic, which is the number one ******** spell school of the game in my opinion, 100% oriented towards pissing players off. What a ******** faction...If you want to piss people off, and think using a map hack in a shooter game is perfectly legit, pick noobopolis, it's the cheat code faction of DoC.. With that said, their starter deck also happens to be one of the strongest of the six.

    Sanctuary -- Huge potential to be the strongest faction in the game, but all of that is screwed because of the popularity of 3-4 cards that should be nerfed / balanced, making them arguably the weakest faction of the game. They require knowledge about the game, card game skills, and all of that will be countered by a single cheap fire spell, making your entire game a mess the moment it is dropped. The faction's specialties are controlling the enemies' movement (placing the enemy where you want them, preventing them from moving from a spot, etc.), and they have a mechanic that allows adjascent creatures to gain +1 to their damage (which opens you up to water spells that will obliterature your creatures...). The faction's major weakness is that they probably have 3 creatures total that exceed 5 HP, making them prime targets for the most annoying fire spell of the moment that deals 5 dmg to all creatures on the board. Since your creatures are fairly costy, it is hard to come back from that spell.. and it is ridiculously popular at the moment. Sanctuary is super cool and has one of the funniest gameplay in the game, but they are definately not recommended at the moment (their starter deck is also horrible, and they require a lot of investment in cards to have very decent decks...)

    Stronghold -- Strong is part of the faction's name. Their creatures have higher stat than any other factions, they very easily have the highest damage potential in the game (far surpassing even inferno in that department), and their creatures come with great mobility (some can attack and move on the same turn). Stronghold's faction specialties are creaturs that gain damage everytime one of their creatures die, creatures that gain damage every time an enemy creature dies, creatures that attack the turn they are deployed, damage increasing buildings and fortunes, as well as fortunes that are cheap and serve as instant kill that bypass magic immunity. They also happen to have the strongest starter deck out of the six. Their weakness is that none of their heroes have access to "Prime", which is the second (or first, depends) strongest magic school in the game, meaning their have a harder time to dispel some cards that will RUIN the game for them.

    ** Tip3: Which starter deck to start with?

    If you followed a referal link, that means you will have to pick an extra starter deck. All starter decks have a bunch of useless card (they suck in almost any deck), a bunch of useful cards (regular "core" cards for your faction) and a limited number of "must-haves" that can be used for more than one factions. The goal is to pick the starter deck that will give you extras of cards you likely to need in number of 4.

    Academy: Comes with Insect Swarm x1, otherwise nothing good at all (avoid)

    Haven: Comes with Broken Bridge x1 (a must-include fortune when you have 2 starting fortune - though perhaps not recommended as 4 copies of)

    Inferno: Comes with Void Wraith x1 (neutral creature that can be annoying as hell for the right decks) + Town Portal x1 (prime spell that can be useful.. probably not in 4 copies though) (not worth getting an extra copy of that deck in my opinion -- avoid)

    Necropolis: Comes with Soul Reaver x1 (must-have dark magic spell) and Void Wratih x1 (neutral creature that can be annoying as hell for the right decks) + Cursed Bound x1 (number one spell to breeze through all of the campaigns whenever your hero has access to dark magic) <- My personal recommendation, even if I hate necropolis to no end

    Sanctuary: Comes with nothing worth mentioning outside of some decent sanctuary deck creatures (avoid)

    Stronghold Comes with: Blackskull Shredder x1 (must-include creature for stronghold decks) + Insect Swarm x1 (must-include spell for earth magic users)

    Summary --> Getting the extra deck does not mean you play that faction, it just means you want the extra neutral / spell cards it offers for your other decks. My perosnal recommendation is therefore necropolis, with a close second "Stronghold" if you want to play that faction, and Haven in third place if you want to start with them / highly value "Broken Bridge". Inferno is a powerful starter faction, but few of the cards you will get as extra in that deck will be good to have in x4 copies, and those that are you will already get them from the other free starter deck you will receive after you beat someone using that faction. As for academy and sanctuary... yeah, they are not even close to being in the run I think (unless you want to absolutely play sanctuary and sanctuary alone, then it is "okay" but far from the best choice).

    List of starter decks here: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...-Starter-Decks

    ** Tip4: Easy Achievements

    1 ) Go to "Cards and Deck", then "Deck Builder". Open up your deck list and click on "Duplicate" on any of these decks. You can delete the extra deck. You just got a free exp boost

    2 ) While you are there, click on "Create Deck". Randomly pile up as many cards as you can in that deck without consideration for performance / effectiveness of the deck. Make sure this is a deck that works in "STANDARD". Once the deck is valid and even has extras (around 70 cards maybe), confirm the deck. You will receive 5 wild cards.

    3 ) Click on "EDIT" for that new deck you just made. Add 4-5 cards to it, then click on confirm. This should earn you 5000 gold. Delete that abomination now!

    4 ) Buy ONE Base Set 2 pack. This should give you 10 000 gold.

    5 ) After your first Quick Game match, whether you win or lose, please hit "Add As Friend", this will give you a free achievement (free bs2 cards)

    6 ) If you have a twitch account, opening a stream via the in-game menu will give you wild cards (these can be used to get a card of your choice in the altar of wishes).

    7 ) If you refer a friend you will receive 15 000 gold. Your referee has to create a uplay account and join the game. You can create a second account yourself to net that achievement if you need to..

    8 ) Leave the game open for at least 60 minutes - you probably will do that without me telling you, but just in case you are not someone who plays for more than 10 minutes at a time. This will earn you a crapload of free easy gold ^^

    ** Tip5: Open and Standard

    Some cards are only usable in "Open" format. Open is not a game format that is "supported" by the balance team anymore. It is a format that requires a lot of real money investment and is overall to be avoided for newcomers. If you see a card you like, and you cannot find it in the deck making section, that means that card is not available in "Standard", which is the format you should be playing.

    With that said, DO NOT get rid of these cards and hold on to them preciously - you will want to use them later when you find a fun "weekly" format, and it is not excluded that one day they will allow some of those older cards in the "new standard" format.

    ** Tip 6: Deck Making - headsup for some cards

    Some cards you get with your starter decks are extremely useful when you start the game. Some are not. Here is a list of those and some general tips on deck making

    ) Campfire - Have 4 of them whenever you have a hero with 2 starting destiny. Always.

    ) Broken Bridge - Whenever your hero has 2 starting destiny point, have some of those cards in your deck. When you begin the game, I suggest using as many as you possess

    ) Void Wraith - Whenever your hero has 2 starting destiny point, always have some of those in your deck AT THE BEGINNER LEVELS and 4 during campaigns

    ) Sacrificial Altar - You picked stronghold? Have 4 sacrifical altars in your deck. Always, forever.

    ) Rise of the Nethermancer - That event will not be as useful when you start the game against less experienced players, but will soon eventually become a must-have in 2-3 copies in almost every deck you will create (there are exceptions). More on this subject in the Tip 15 section.

    ) Fortunes - With some exceptions, fortunes usually suck big time and are to be avoided. If your hero does not have 2 starting destiny, as a rule of thumb you almost always skip fortunes entirely.

    ) Cursed Bound - Not a super good card later on against more advanced players, but a definate must-use in 4 copies against the campaign. Try it, you won't regret.

    ) 59 Cards - Have as close to 59 cards as possible in your deck. More means you will not get the cards you want when you want it, less means... well that you cannot play

    ) Neutral creatures - They usually suck. Try to replace them as fast as possible.

    ) 3 Hp treshold - Creatures with 3 hp and less are very vulnerable to some spells (insect swarm for example). It is best to avoid using them, unless you have nothing better, or they are low level creatures already (t1 creature for instance).

    ) Curve - Try to have a curve that flows naturally. Don't go with a deck that has 20 turn 4 creatures, otherwise you will spend a crapload of turns doing nothing and you basically give the other player the game. Try to have lots of low cost, low requirement cards to play, with fewer but core higher cost higher requirement cards in your deck. Also keep in mind the big super high cost creatures all look insane on paper, but they are not always worth playing.. especially because the developpers highly favoured spells in this game and it is usually half as cheap to obliterate your high cost creature than it is to place it on the field <- fact

    ) Stat Requirements - Your hero has starting stats that will usually difer from another hero's stats. When you build your deck, you have to keep in mind those starting stat, but also impose yourself a limit on how many stats up you can increase in total for your deck. The lower the total, the faster your deck becomes optimal (you can play any card you want when you draw them). My personal extreme maximum is 8 stat up (and it's already a stretch, you should aim lower than that).

    Example of that -- Matewa starts with 1 might 1 magic 1 destiny. My old Matewa could use Ice meteor (requires 5 magic) and could use the Blackskull Crusher (5 might). Even though there are good cards that would require 3 destiny, there is no way my deck could afford raising destiny to 3 because it was already too long before it could reach its full play potential. In fact, my current Matewa is 4 might / 5 magic / 1 destiny, making it a 7 cost increase deck.. and it flows much more naturally and has much better result than the old Matewa I had.

    ** Tip 7: Infernal Pit

    The infernal pit will open later.. when it does open, don't bother burning cards until much later when you know what you are doing ALSO, whenever you get to the pit, please take the habit of unchecking "Hide Duplicate". Trust me, do it.

    ** Tip 8: Altar of Wishes

    The altar allows you to get cards in exchange for "wild cards", which can be obtained in several ways in the game ( burning cards in the pit, or getting cards from older / premium packs / or achievements / some every week as a weekly reward).

    Knowing what to get with the altar is key to building super powerful decks. More information on the -to get- cards in the last section of this guide.

    ALSO, whenever you get to the altar, please take the habit of unchecking "Hide Duplicate". Trust me, do it.

    ** Tip 9: Hide Duplicate

    ALWAYS turn Hide Duplicate off whenever you see the option. That feature is on by default... and it shouldn't. Some cards are available in open only, but some are both in open expansions and standard expansions, meaning you have 2 cards that are identical, but 2 cards from 2 different expansions when it comes to achievements. You do NOT want to make a mistake of getting rid of a card from an older expansion because you throught you had 2 copies of the same card.

    For example - I had Hakeem Seeker of Mysteries from Base Set 2 expansion and Hakeem Seeker of Mysteries from the Forgotten Wars expansion. When I got to the pit, I burned my base set 2 copy of Hakeem because I thought i had 2 times the same card, while in fact these were 2 different cards.. When I tried to do my achievement of having the 4 academy heroes of base set 2, I was lacking Hakeem, a card that I had for free.. and so I had to buy a copy of him again from the altar of wishes (actually, I got him for free from a pack afterwards, so I lucked out). DO NOT EVER FORGET TO TURN HIDE DUPLICATE TO OFF ALL THE TIME !!!!!!!

    There are also 2 different prices for cards in the altar, and you do not want to pay triple the cost for a card you can have much cheaper.

    ** Tip 10: Campaigns

    Here is the most important key tip of all ---> Do your campaigns. Do all the campaigns, with all 6 factions, and you will have HUGE amount of gold and HUGE amount of wildcards that will further solidify your decks and help you breeze through the early ranks with a high win ratio. Your early game experience should revolve around finishing the first campaigns, then go win 5 games against players in "Quick Game standard", and then go back to the campaign and all of them with all 6 factions (or until you are blocked for some reason). If you are stuck with a campaign with a specific faction, change deck / change faction / change campaign.. If you are forever stuck, ask for help.

    PS: The dark spell "Cursed Bound" allows you to beat every single campaign the moment your hero has access to dark magic. The card itself is powerful (but not that useful against experienced players), but for the npc of the campaign that card is beyond goldlike. You basically use it on a creature with high attack value.. and then you block and wait for the game to end with the enemy killing himself off. Biggest joke ever.

    Edit: Here is a link to a "Walkthrough" for the campaign: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...8#post10511838

    ** Tip 11.a: What to buy for each factions

    This section works as follow : Recommendations are taking into account the probability of getting the important cards. The Rarity/Effect on your deck ratio is what matters here. To use these recommendations in the most effective way you go as follow -> buy the recommended packs in order, switch to another if you keep getting the same cards over and over again OR if you have collected the major common/uncommon I recommended from that expansion. Once you have most/all the recommendations, see what you lack and buy accordingly (also pay attention to what you need for other factions as that will maximize your purchase and your decks' strength across the board for all 6 factions). Check 11.b to have a (tentative) ratio of how to spend your gold (based on a 10 pack ratio)

    Base set 2 is often (if not always) the worst expansion to buy cards from when you start, make sure you do NOT listen to the general misconception that it is a good expansion to buy from when you start - it isn't. Base set 2 gives you cards out of a 300 pool, meaning that even when you see a card you would like to have in your deck from that expansion (there are very little of those to be honest) then you have very low probability that you will get it from base set 2. Moreover, upon completing achievements and the campaigns you will often get legacy packs when you begin, thus giving you some more chances of getting old copies of the good cards of Base Set 2. The cherry on top is that base set 2 cards are very easy to get from the altar of wishes (don't forget to turn "Hide Duplicate" OFF, and you will have very low prices for amazing cards), further diminishing the interest you will have from buying cards from that expansion.

    For more explanation on BS2 and why it pretty much is the worst expansion to buy cards from when you start, read this: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...o-buy-early-on

    Remember that some factions do not have a clear-cut answer as to what to buy and that all expansions have good / valuable cards (even if sometimes it is more advantageous to one faction than another).

    Academy: .... like academy for example. That faction feels like every hero is a different faction, and it reflects in how their cards are spread out through the 5 standard expansions. I would not normally recommend a specific expansion for them, because I strongly believe the best is to focus on other factions before you get to that one, meaning you have gotten mostly all the cards you want/need as sideeffect of trying to build for the other factions by the time you should start wanting to play them... However, If you are hell-bent on playing with academy, the simplest way of building a powerful decks will be Asalah with spirits. This sort of deck has the advantage of being almost copy-pastable to the 6 factions, and it is somewhat effective, even if very far from optimal.

    With that in mind, you will need to finish campaigns to get wild cards, use those on getting Asalah, Invoker of Castigation (base set 2, costs 8 wild cards) from the altar of wishes. Then your main focus of buying cards will be from the Sins of Betrayal expansion pack, with Griffin Bane as secondary focus and nightmare + base set 2 + ToR equally for the leftovers. The advantage of that is you will benefit greatly from all the normally BAD neutral elemental cards you get in the starter decks.

    The cards you are after from the Sins of Betrayal expansion are --> 4 Free Mage Altars, 4 Embers Elemental, 4 Week of the elementals, 4 Bursting Fire Elementals and you should cross your fingers and hope you get as many "Arcane Eagle" as possible. If you do not get even one, it is okay, they are not -NEEDED-, but they definately kick your deck up big time.

    The cards you are after from Griffin Bane are --> Forked Firebolt (3 of those maybe?), Ice Meteor (not necessary at all for that deck to work, but always a powerful card since your hero a caster hero and she has access to water)

    The cards you are after from Heart of Nightmare are --> Arkath's Wrath (same as Ice Meteor), Arcane Sharpshooter (probably 4 of them)

    The cards you are after from Base Set 2 are --> 1 or 2 Focused Mind and 4 Geyser (absolutely need those cards), EDIT: the event Rise of the Nethermancer is almost always good to have 2 or 3 of in every deck you create (if you have them)

    The cards you could be after from Time of Renewal --> Lesser Water Elementals and Lesser shadow elementals could be added to the spirit deck

    Haven: Haven's biggest advantage is that the big bulk of their cards all come from 1 or 2 expansions, making them easy to get all of their powerful cards with. What's better is that most of their super amazing cards are common cards, so they are super easy to get. You basically have a massive priority to buying Griffin Bane cards, along with Sins of Betrayal extras.

    Cards you are after from Griffin Bane --> 4 Blinding Light (could be less, but 4 works very well I find), 4 Griffin Legionnaire (must have), 4 Griffin Crossbowman (must have), 4 Barracks (must have), Fiery Sunrize (depending on the deck, you might even have 3 or 4 of those events!), some Devour Priest (can have up to 4, not necessary, some Garrisson (not needed, but having them around is not a bad idea) but these are good cards regardless), Angel Commander (don't need 4 of them, but they're good "fatties" I think), some Sunblaze ("okay" light spell), and you cross you fingers that you get 1 or 2 or 3 "Benevolant Angel"

    Cards you are after from Sins of Betrayal --> 4 Construction (if you play Cassandra with 4 barracks), Wolf Priest (2... 3... 4 copies of that guy can work in several Haven decks I find), Blessing Insquisitor and Warding Inquisitor (these guys are not necessary but are very good icing on the cake), Cleansing Priestess (she can also be good.. even more so if you start against a lot of necropolis noob decks), Storm Rage (decent air spell, but like SunBlaze probably not 4 copies of), Supply Caravan (works awesome with Cassandra if you go barrack/construction)

    Cards you are after from Heart of Nightmare --> I like Wolf Trainers (I almost always have 3 in my Haven decks). You can also cross your fingers on getting a copy of Damran and Zephiria (these are unique creatures that can be used by heroes with access to their respective spells - most uniques are worth getting, so I won't mention them every time, but assume you are to be happy when you see them.. though they are in no way essential / obligatory for your Haven deck. More on that subject when I get to the Altar of Wishes final note)

    The cards you could be after from Time of Renewal --> Imperial sentinels are great t1 creatures, Holy Praetorian are great t2 creatures, Griffin Captain is pretty useful, Blind Justicar is overpowered, Falcon Holy Priest is amazing (with the right set-up), Path of the Ancestor (event) is overpowered

    Cards you are after from Base Set 2 --> Tithe Collector (absolute 4 copies), Anael Angel of Redemption (not necessary, but you should be happy if you get her from a random pack), Crusader Treasorer (a good card, not a must have), Scattershot Marksman (very good card, I usually go for those OR the angel commander), Elite Squire (not a bad card, though vulnerable to insect swarm), Griffin Knight (more and more I find that creature to become one of my most valuable card in many matchups.. I use 3 in some of my decks.. but sometimes it is deadweight too), EDIT: the event Rise of the Nethermancer is almost always good to have 2 or 3 of in every deck you create (if you have them)

    PS: Haven doesn't have to go to 5 might, nor does it usually have to go to 4 magic. A 4 / 3 / 1 Haven deck is going to be fairly decent. However, Cassandra is one of the best Haven decks out there (with barracks and construction) and getting her means she will do awesome and bring a lot with a 4 / 3 / 3 build. She also happens to be the cheapest (since you have her as your starter!) so do not hesitate to play her with my recommendations.

    Inferno: Inferno doesn't require much explanation... Many are inferno haters, I am not. I think they just need a bit of balancing, but otherwise should not be considered in the strongest factions of this game (right now though, Sins of Betrayal has changed that). What to get for inferno is a bit hard to say though, as it is one of the factions that require you buy mostly whatever you want and you will get decent cards eventually.

    Cards you are after from Sins of Betrayal --> Get some bound succubus, Bursting Fire Elemental, some Ur Jabal's minion, possibily 1 or 2 Blazing Succubus, cross your fingers that you get Kiril and some Spell Stealer Heretic and Ariana chosen of the void,, and then move on to the next expansion listed here. Saving myself some time here, that expansion is what pushed them from the weakest faction in the game (some will argue, but that's my opinion) to the top 1 or top 2 faction of the previous meta. With the release of ToR and the nerf to Bound Succubus, that expansion isn't as top priority as it was before.

    Cards you are after from Griffin Bane --> 4 Hatching Breeder (must have), some Osmotic Breeders (not a bad card, and previously one of the few creatures from inferno that has more than 5 hp), Forked Firebolt (great card, 2-3-4 copies of it can work), Spellhungry breeders + Spawning Chamber (these 2 cards work waaay too well together - early on against less experienced players, you will probably be unstoppable with that on the battleground. You might want to get 1 or 2 of that combo in your deck I suppose), Hykiu Chosen of the Flames (unique creature, see last section).

    The cards you could be after from Time of Renewal --> Gravid Breeders are powerful, Tormentor are insane, all breeders work in synergy, all dark creatures work in synergy.. any creature you get in that expansion goes from usable to overpowered.

    Cards you are after from Heart of Nightmare --> Thrall of Hatred (if you go direct damage oriented and get destiny up to at laest 2, you have to consider that guy in good number), Maniac Taskmaster (awesome 4 drop creature, but only if you go at least 2 destiny - not necessary 4 copies in your deck.. still a powerful card though), Deleb princess of pain (among the overpowered heroes in the previous meta only because of poor balancing. A 3 / 2 / 3 Deleb deck is waaay too cheap and waaaay too powerful), Arkath Wrath (if you go 5 magic and feel like being cheap...)

    Cards you are after from Base Set 2: 4 Lurker in the Dark (must have, could even be an idea to get 1 or 2 of those with wildcards if you really cannot wait), Hellfire Maniac (they are very powerful, though not all decks should have them.. if you go 5 might though, you might want 3 or 4 of them), Doombringer (extra cherry on the cake, not necessary, and only if you go 5 might), Kal-Azaar Invoker of Agony (he has access to the 2 strongest spell schools in the game.. he is the number one strongest hero in the game atm and probably singlehandedly responsible for 70% of the hatred people have towards inferno in the current meta), Timejump (not necessary, just be "happy" if you see that one pop and you have Kal Azaar), EDIT: the event Rise of the Nethermancer is almost always good to have 2 or 3 of in every deck you create (if you have them) UNLESS you play Spellstealer Heretic and highly value what that card brings to your deck

    Necropolis: Another faction that can buy just about anything and not have a single care in the world. They are the most distasteful and most overpowered faction in the game at the moment... and overplayed too. That section will not be as complete as the previous ones, because simply going through their cards piss me off. Sorry... ok, no, I'm not. These are not in order.

    Cards you are after from Base Set 2: Mother Namtaru (broken hero, dumbest in the game), Soul Reaver (the remaining 1 you miss if you haven't picked the extra necro starter like I suggested), The Banshee (not necessary, but what a stupid creature), 4 Geyser (must have), Timejump (if your hero has prime and you go to 6 magic..), Plague Bearer, Scavenger Ratkin. Ariana is also the mother of all ******** (slightly behind Namtaru)

    Cards you after from Heart of Nightmare: Boneyard (a bunch of them, won't be hard to get.. not 4 copies though), whatever amount of vampire you want if you want to go for a vampire deck, they are all powerful and all work in synergy with each others (and are spread between several expansions) (Fleshbane would be the vampire guy if you're aiming for a purely vampire deck)

    Cards you are after from Griffin Bane: 4 Cheap Death (it is called "CHEAP" Death for a reason..), some more vampires if you really want, and you can also put every single card of that expansion on Seria and have a "Token based deck". Overpowered cheapness assured

    Cards you are after from Sins of Betrayal: Anastasya (if pissing people off is your kick), 4 Eternal Apprentice (they are common, cheap, and way too powerful for their cost, stack them up), Alone in the Dark (3 or 4 of them perhaps.. screw that card)

    The cards you could be after from Time of Renewal --> Rotting Mummy, Rotting Zombie, Necromancer Reinforcer, Skeleton Spearman, Sahaar Mummy, Skeleton Master, Plague Skeleton, Ichor Weaver

    Note: I don't want to spread the disease, Necropolis is a faction that pisses me off greatly, even if I win against them.I hate playing with them, I hate playing against them, and they are one of the 2 factions that makes me want to stop playing the game (academy being the other one). This is the most respectuous I can do when it comes to Necro, otherwise I would just show you one of my fingers and leave that space blank.. but since I want to be as helpful as possible...

    Sanctuary: Most fun faction to play with in my opinion, but also the hardest (and probably weakest.. yet with the highest potential -- Edit: That potential was unlocked with ToR expansion). Like Haven, there has been effort made to put them back on the map, and so the three last expansions are where the must have cards will mostly be.

    I would recommend out of 10 packs that you go ---> 3 Griffin Bane, 3 Sins of Betrayal, 2 ToR, 1 Nightmare (if you get your hands on 2 shark protector you can skip the expansion as far as Sanctuary is concerned), 1 Base set 2

    Cards you want from Sins of Betrayal: 4 Fountain Spirit (absolute must have), maybe 2 Torii of the eternal empress (more than 2 will be crippling your deck too much), 2 ice spear (not necessary, but easy to get and has a nice impact early on), Storm Rage (as with what I said with Haven, decent air spell probably, not 4 copies in your deck though)

    Cards you want from Griffin Bane: Raya Chosen of the Waves (unique creature - see last section), Blessed Lake Spirit (you might want at least 2 of them), 2-3-4 Kabuki Propandist (super powerful card if your hero gets to 2 fortune), 4 Kabuki Seductress (amazing creature), 4 Kabuki Sentry (must have), Ice Meteor (you might want up to 4 of those eventually), Dark Lotus Pond (unique card, if you hero goes to 3 destiny it is a must have in your deck later on).

    The cards you could be after from Time of Renewal --> Shinobi Whisperer is overpowered, Naga Warrior gives honor on the back row, Shanriya Guard is a powerful common card, Shinobi Blackmailer is great when used well, Kappa Shoya is a strong outmaneouver creature (uncommon), Ushio Naga can enable sick plays (and return creatures with come-into-play effects to your hand) -- That expansion brings great creatures all across the board for sanctuary, especially creatures with lots of hp. Do not put too many high cost creatures though.

    Cards you want from base set 2: Shinje Warrior (hard to get, in no way necessary, but if you do luck out and get some of those, do not hesitate), Raya Sibilant Seductress (absolute must have - unique - see last section), Mizu-Kami (hard to get, in no way necessary, but if you do luck out and get some of those, do not hesitate), Focused Mind (1 or 2 of those is always useful --later--), 4 Geyser (big absolute must have -- see last section), Honor Binds Us (in no way necessary, but that fortune is amazing if you get to 3 fortune), EDIT: the event Rise of the Nethermancer is almost always good to have 2 or 3 of in every deck you create (if you have them)

    Cards you want from heart of nightmare: Zephiria (see last section), Shark Protector (maybe 2 or 3 of those.. easy to get, nice addition, not 100% necessary though), Coral Ohyaku (hard to get, in no way necessary, but if you do get 1 or 2 of them, you surely will not regret having it around. It has a great and unique ability than no other card has that will allow a lot of strategies to even be playable)

    Note on Sanctuary: They are not easy to play, even less easy to create a good deck with and were not good in the previous meta. Also keep in mind their best standard hero probably was their starter hero Yukiko Seeker of Honor. With ToR out, everything changed for sanctuary. They are probably going to be in the top 3 strongest, with Shalan bounce being the sickest hero of its faction -- though even harder to play

    Stronghold: There is only one big warning when it comes to stronghold, and it is NOT to buy cards from Sins of Betrayal. Stronghold was more or less in the same situation than Inferno is in since Sins of Betrayal -- during Griffin Bane, they were the top buffed faction. It is extremely easy to get a decent deck with stronghold because of 2 big major reasons - 1 ) Almost all of their insane cards are in Griffin Bane, and 2 ) they have a powerful starter deck and don't require much more to be decent (and it so happens that almost all of their creatures are powerful).

    Cards you want from Sins of Betrayal: NONE (maybe Storm Rage...)

    Cards you want from Griffin Bane: Bloodsnake Shaman (maybe not 4 copies of him, but probably a minimum of 2), 4 Bloodclaw Shaman (absolute utter must have), Bloodtiger Warrior - Bloodhydra Shaman - Bloodshark Warrior (these 3 creatures are all extremely powerful for their cost and fairly easy to get from your pack purchases - I do not recommend putting 4 of them in your decks, but they will very easily fill in your starter deck and singlehandedly win you games. Out of the three, the Bloodhydra Shaman is the strongest, Shark is then second, and Tiger you might want 1 or 2 of them MAXIMUM, and it won't last you forever into the higher level of plays), Bloodmask Shaman (not a bad card to get early on... not the best either), Bloodscar Ritualist (early on, you might want to put 1 or 2 of those in your deck, it is not the worst card in the game, though also not the best option for stronghold t2, still worth it very early if you are buying mostly Griffin Bane like I'm suggesting you do at the very beginning)

    The cards you could be after from Time of Renewal --> Any creature with enrage, Bramble Beast are potent blockers, Sahaar Hunter and Sahaar Skirmisher are the bane of Haven's barracks,

    Cards you want from Heart of Nightmare: Zephiria and Damran (see last section), 4 Stormrage Hunter (must have), Stormrage Warrior (easy to get, very decent creature, especially if combined with bs2 Blackskull WarChanter)

    Cards you want from Base Set 2: Your 4th copy of Blackskull Shredder (you should have 2 or 3 of them, you want the 4th), Cyclop Brawler (not necessary, but they are powerful in some decks, if you see them, they can be okay), Blackskull ClanWarlord (you don't want 4 copies of them, but 1 or 2 can be pretty deadly in some decks, not necessary though, beware of creature costs -- I prefer the Bloodhydra Shaman of Griffin Bane as my big drop personally), Zephiria Windchaser (unique stronghold creature, see last section), Blackskull Crusher (super efficient creature, immune to the spells cast by the enemies (not yours, careful), Centaur Archer (not the best creature in the game, but strangely very efficient in many case (I prefer Bloodclaw Shaman though), several blackskull warchanters if you play with a lot of enrage creatures EDIT: the event Rise of the Nethermancer is almost always good to have 2 or 3 of in every deck you create (if you have them)

    Note on Stronghold: Every one of their heroes are powerful, but they all can be played differently. My recommendations were mostly for a classic 4/4/3 Kat Seeker of Freedom deck, but be informed that stronghold is powerful in mostly all of its itereation with mostly all of their heroes.

    ** Tip 11.b: Ratio

    This section is a tentative ratio of what to get -when you start-, when you have a specific faction as a focus you want to develop a bit more than the others. Use this section with part A to know if you should change the ratio to get as many of the easy / ready to use cards of an expansion. Remember that at some point you will have most of the cards of an expansion, so that ratio will eventually stop being relevant. Also note that while some expansions are brutally useless to specific factions, I include some packs in the list regardless because the expansion might not be as bad for another faction (stronghold and SoB is a good example here)

    Academy: No real answer here (follow A)

    Haven: 4 Griffin Bane / 3 Sins of Betrayal / 1 Heart of Nightmare / 2 Time of Renewal = every 10 packs you get 1 BS2 (if you have the Heart of Nightmare cards I recommended, then you can switch that one out and replace with +1 BS2 or +1 Time of Renewal)

    Inferno: 3 Betrayal / 3 Griffin Bane / 2 ToR, 1 Nightmare / 1 Base Set 2. When you have the common / uncommon of Sins of Betrayal, switch to --> 2 or 1 Betrayal, 3 or 4 Griffin Bane, 3 or 4 ToR, 2 Nightmare, 1 Base Set 2.

    Necropolis: No real answer here, you need a bit of everything.

    Sanctuary: 3 Griffin Bane / 3 Sins of Betrayal / 2 ToR / 1 Nightmare (if you get your hands on 2 shark protector you can skip the expansion as far as Sanctuary is concerned) / 1 Base set 2

    Stronghold: 4 Griffin Bane / 2 Heart of Nightmare / 3 Time of Renewal / 1 Sins of Betrayal = every 10 packs you get 1 BS2 (if you have the Heart of Nightmare cards I recommended, then you can switch that one out and replace with +1 Sins of Betrayal (for other factions))

    ** Tip 12: What to get from the altar early on

    After you buy some cards from the recommended decks, and after you have unlocked the altar of wishes and have some "Wild Cards" to spend, I highly recommend that you get your hands on some of the cards I will list below. These are usually absolute must have for more than just one heroes and will kick your decks way up there. Before you buy them, though, make sure to buy some cards from the expansions before, in case you luck out and don't have to bother buying them. ALSO!!!! DO NOT FORGET TO TURN HIDE DUPLICATE OFF!!!!!

    Geyser: Your hero has water magic? Get 3 Geyser from Base Set 2. Hopefully you will get your 4th as you open packs casually.

    Focused mind: Water based, you want to counter Hellfire Maniac, blinding light and other effects that prevent you from attacking? Get at least 1 Focused Mind

    Hykiu Chosen of the Flames: From Griffin Bane, get Hykiu if your hero has access to Fire spells He requires 5 might, careful (one copy MAX!)

    Zephiria, Chosen of the Winds: From Heart of Nightmare, get Zephiria if your hero has Air magic. She requires 4 might and 4 magic, careful (one copy MAX!)

    Damran Chosen of the Thorns: From Heart of Nightmare, get Damran if your hero has Earth magic. He requires 4 might and 3 magic (one copy MAX!)

    Zephiria Windchaser: Stronghold-only creature, get her, she is worth it (one copy MAX!)

    Doombringer: Inferno-only creature, not 100% necessary, but a good one if you get to 5 might (one copy MAX!)

    Dark Lotus Pond: Sanctuary fortune from Griffin Bane expansion, not the absolute most have -early-, but worth putting on your list of "I want that later" (one copy MAX)

    Raya Sibilant Seductress: Base set 2 sanctuary-only - she is an absolute must have (one copy MAX)

    Anael Angel of Redemption: Haven-only unique creature, a nice card though not 100% necessary (one copy MAX)

    Cassandra's Devotion: If you are playing Cassandra (Haven starter hero) I absolutely recommend you go the extra 1 fortune and get that unique fortune from the altar of wishes (one copy MAX!)

    Garant's Purge: In no way necessary, but if you play inferno's Garant you might want to get that fortune. If the campaign gives you lots of trouble as inferno (unlikely), getting this fortune can solve your problem with many of the "harder" missions. I do not recommend it as a must have, but know it exists (careful, one copy MAX, this is an unique fortune)

    ** Tip 13: Time of Renewal

    Time of Renewal is the most recent expansion released for DoC. That expansion is somewhat similar to Base Set 2, in that it takes old cards from legacy expansions and bring them to the standard format, but it also has a couple of cards unique to that set. For that reason, more legacy cards are now playable in standard than ever before. Since this expansion is still "very new", I will not be recommending cards in the altar of wishes (for now).

    EDIT: While I would like to recommend getting any of the new epic new cards released with that expansion, I will not do so, only because of how much they cost. These cards are way too expensive and therefore the wild cards would be better invested (when you start) in more important core cards (like the uniques for example, or even heroes, etc.). Make no mistake though, Time of Renewal probably has the biggest amount of overpowered cards out of all the expansions (but it is more spread out than expansions with 100 cards)

    ** Tip 14: Emilio

    What are Emilio packs? The Emilio packs are a promo pack that contains cards from old expansions (legacy). They are currently one of the only ways for someone to obtain legacy cards (cards from old expansions that are only sold in seals) for achievements and such. Because of Time of Renewal, that pack has gained a bit more value than it had before.. and will eventually lose some of it when the expansion sells in gold. It is a very unfocused pack (you get cards from several expansions, randomly) but still very important to get legacy cards for achievement.. as mentioned.

    The biggest downside of that expansion was that several of the cards gotten through that expansion were cards only available in open. With Time of Renewal bringing more than 100 old cards back into the standard, it now means that the old copies of the cards you get in that pack are now playable. However, when Renewal becomes available in gold, it also means that many of the cards you will get from this promo pack will be cards you have, so you will only get older print of the card for achievement-sake (rather than achievement + "I want to use them in open/weeklies!" sake)

    I thus advice buying a couple of Emlio packs whenever they show up, especially while Renewal is in seals-only, and if you have the important core common/uncommon cards I recommended getting in my "what to buy" section. However, when Renewal goes in gold and you have gotten most of the cards from it, then I have to warn you that the main reason you would get Emilio then would be to complete achievements (which can give seals, wild cards, packs, heroes, alt arts, etc.)

    There is no clear-cut "what to do" with Emilio involved. They are a special promo.. so I hope this little paragraph at least helped some players understanding the situation better for when / if they show up.

    ** Tip 15: Rise of the Nethermancer


    ** Tip 16: Lifehacks

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    These tips are incredible. Thank you for taking the time to helping the community (and a new players like myself).
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    Good job. My guide is not only general, it will be outdated soon. It seem too general because I just didn't play the game so much that I could say XYZ is a fact.
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    Your guide still is great Malkorion, and much more technical than mine (heck, I'm almost bashing necro players here). My "guide" only is a collective of fairly specific tips oriented towards the current present time, with lots of its information changing when a new expansion comes out. However, for what we have right now, I highly recommend the read here.
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    A thread dedicated for newcomers is definitely a nice initiative.

    But i can only advice people to watch out for his recommendations because this guy is heavily biased in his opinion about certain cards and factions in a way that the information he is giving you is completely wrong (i'm glad he sticked with general information here though) that is why i would like to contribute and maybe even correct some of the paragraphs/mistakes.

    Tip1: Nothing to add here, all fine with me.

    Here is where things start to get interesting.

    Academy: I would agree with the overview even though you wont find all those different sorts of strategies in the standard format due to the lack of key cards which you can only play in the Open format. But definitely not a faction to start with.

    Haven: "Considered weak by many" > for a reason. Their cards lack strength and quality at the common level to compete with other factions. Even though specific types of decks can actually compete at higher MMR. But you really need those specific cards (e.g. Barracks) to do that, some improvised/generic haven deck will have huge trouble against a similiar Inferno or Necro deck. Maybe not recommended for starters but still a better choice than Academy.

    Inferno: I can only agree here. This faction is strong to an extent which is not healthy for the game. Thas why i wont even go into detail for this. A good choice if you want to make your life easier though.

    Necropolis: I warned you in the beginning that he (Mushidoz) is biased towards certain things, this is it. He holds a grudge against this faction which even the word extreme cannot describe correctly. Anyway, this faction is considered to be "weak" because of one thing which he cant seem to understand. Its the lack of aggression and speed. Other factions are ususally better in this derpartment and thats why Necropolis cant dominate. But if you actually manage to slow the game down with a good defense (they have some tools for that) a good necropolis player should be able to win this battle of attrition. The faction is designed just for that, rather long games with reanimating cheaper creatures to grind down your opponent. To say it once again, the faction isnt weak by any means but proactive/aggressive play still hold the advantage in this game compared to reactive/slower play but everyone would actually agree that Necropolis is a solid/good faction.
    It is probably recommended to start with them due to their solid quality at common/uncommon rarity so you will have an easier start into the game but you have to be aware of ususally longer games.

    Sanctuary: I tend to agree that Sanctuary provides interesting games and has a lot of poential. It is also true that they have trouble currently against a certain spell card which simply kills a majority of creatures you play and a faction like Sanctuary ussually cant recover from that. Even if we have a somewhat potent Kenage deck to play with at higher level which makes especially use of higher HP creatures. But in general, not recommended in the beginning as they really require rare cards to work.

    Stronghold: Still one of the best factions in the game. Recommended to start with just like Inferno due to realatively uncomplicated and straightforward gameplay qith high attacking creatures without the need to actually invest a lot of wildcards and resources.

    Tip3: Cant seem to find the starter decks so i cant give you a detailed feedback. But in general, dont expect too much from them, they really are just designed to give you a start into each respective faction.

    Tip4-5: Nothing to add:

    Tip6: This is a hard point because it toally depends on the cards you will get from the packs you opened. So instead of naming specific cards i would like to stress out the 3 pillars of a good starting deck:

    59 cards: This might seem silly for everyone with card gaming experience but you would be surprised of how many people actually think they make their deck better with adding additional copies of cards they like, cards they think are good due to the lack of experience. Even if should be obvious that it is simple math tht you will have higher chances to draw the right cards in the right moment with the minimal amount of cards you build your deck with. Only play with 59 cards.

    Stat requirements: Might/Magic/Destiny. Keep those requirements in mind (check your hero) when you actually build your deck. Dont spread them out too much, naturally you will have a focus on creatures. because those guys are still essential to finish off your opponent. To put is short here, the most efficient decks ususally look like this 4-4-x (4 Might/4 Magic / without adding destiny because most fortunes are either not good or have too high requirements to fit in your deck. Try to keep the requirements relatively low. Decks like 6-5-3 are not going to work.....

    Curve: You need a healthy/large amount of early creatures spells which then slightly decreases for each resource cost. So that you dont get stuck with too expensive cards in the beginning and have actual plays.

    The last hint: Average decks have the ususal 33/17 creature to spell ratio. This can obviously differ between certains decks/factions but just to give you a first impression.

    Tip 7-10: Nothing major to add here just for point 8 Altar of Wishes: Try to be as conservative as possible with your wildcards. They are too precious to waste in the beginning and newcomers ususally lack the experience to evaluate cards correctly. Try to be patient and get some tips from people ingame and forums. And who knows, you might actually get the card you want from the the next pack.

    Tip 11: This one will require more time.....

    As a general reminder, the core of every deck are (ususally) not the flashy epic cards but the common/uncommon cards which will help you to get more consistent results. The rares and epics will make the big difference later on. I appreciate that mushidoz tried to give concrete suggestions what to buy in the beginning (especially in the case of academy) but in the end it just might be too random depending on the luck/bad luck you have from opening packs and you really want to avoid comitting yourself to the Altar of Wishes to stay open as long as possible. It is very rare that players have just one faction they want to play with.

    The following card suggestions are only focusing on the very beginning of your MMDoC career to just point out some cards you really dont want to miss and cant do anything wrong with them.

    Academy: As i said in the beginning, this faction really isnt recommonded to start with. Their creatures are ususally having difficult requirements, are slow and sometimes have very annoying drawbacks to keep in mind. In the beginning, your average academy deck has the following creature cards :Rakshasa Skirmisher, Arcane Sharpshooter, Wizard Tutor, Rakshasa, Crimson Apprentice and if you were really lucky in packs, Rakshasa Scout (but he is a rare card) .Those cards are rather easy to play and work for offense and defense.Those are all Base Set2 cards, no reason to buy anything else for now.

    Haven: Its not easy to give you a clear and easy answer for this faction. Not really recommened because you need ususally to have a clear goal in mind and a specific deck to win you majority of games with Haven. Cassandra Barracks Rush might be the most cost efficient and easy to get deck for Haven right now.

    But without even looking at those specific decks you should do fine with following cards for your average Haven deck: Tithe Collector, Elite Squire, Griffin Crossbowman, Devout Priest, Crusader Vanguard, Crusader Treasurer, Barracks. Haven has definitely better cards i just mentioned but are ususally of higher rarity so that it will be more troublesome for you to get them.
    It is a good idea to focus on Griffin Bane and Sins of Betrayal Packs after you got some common cards from BaseSet2.

    Inferno: They have solid cards throughout all expansions. Which is way you cant go wrong with expanding your BaseSet2 Collection and then buy Griffin Bane/Sins of Betrayal as you seem fit.

    Succubus, Hatching Breeder, Chaos Lacerator, Juggernaut, Hellfire Bloater, Lurker in the Dark, Ur Jubaals Minion, Osmotic Breeder and Bound Succubus are all very strong cards and not a single one of them is rare or epic.

    Necropolis: Your best bet, again, focusing on the BaseSet2. Neophyte Lich, Moonsilk Skeleton, Undead Minotaur, Vampire Knight, Untaimed Wraith (very strong 3 cost defensive slot).As for the other sets , only a few specific cards can be considered actual upgrades for the general necropolis deck. Thats why i would recommend to stick to the packs in the following order to end up with the largest amount of options: BaseSet2, Heart of Nightmares, Griffin Bane, Sins of Betrayal. For example: a card which really sticks out from Heart of Nightmares (HoN) is Boneyard as it can be useful for a more necropolis decks while you have no need for Death Lord. Vampire Guard is very strong from Griffin Bane (GB) while you could have no use for smth. like Bone to Bone.

    Sanctuary: This is probably the only faction where i dont recommend to stick with BaseSet2 for too long because some of the cards which really make the difference are in different packs.
    After your initial BaseSet2 grind you should definitely focus on Griffin Bane and Sins of Betrayal to end uo with the following cards : Kabuki Sentry, Coral Priestess, Kabuki Seductress, Fountain Spirit, Shark Bodyguard.

    Stronghold: The typical focus on BS2, there is only thing to really recommend, stay away from Sins of Betrayal (SoB), there is absolutely nothing for you to get there if you really like Stringhold.
    The Stronghold core cards are : Goblin Scout, Ranaar Harpy, Centaur Archer, War Oliphant, Blackskull Shredder, Stormrage Hunter, Bloodclaw Shaman You have definitely some other cards but either of higher rarity of for specific situations. BS2, HoN and GB should be your packs to buy.

    Tip 12: In the last section i will try to give you concrete cards to aim for from the Altar of Wishes (spells/fortunes included).

    Starting with "neutral" cards:

    Moon Phoenix. Simply one of the best cards in the game, cheap, attacks and blocks and you have only very few to get rid of it permanently. One copy is more than enough.
    Dhamran, Chosen of the Thorns (earth aligned, only heroes with Earth Magic can play him). Good stats, has a come into play effect which basically functions as removal.
    Zefiria, Chosen of the Winds (air aligned). 4/4 requirements are not that easy to play for some heroes but both her effects are very powerful, almost auto-include for every air hero.
    Hikyu, Chosen of the Flames (fire aligned). His 5 might requirement is annoying for some decks because creature decks ususally stop at 4, but if you go for 5 or higher he is pretty much an autoinlucde. Use his ability wisely and you could be able to get rid of the entire field at once.
    Ariana, Chosen of the Void. Versatile creature which can get rid of creatures, ongoing spells and or fortunes as well. Maybe a bit costly, but still a good option for prime heroes.

    The other neutral/aligned epics are not bad by any means but ususally slower and dont have that much of an impact (dont deal with multiple threats) which makes them slightly weaker. But you can still aim for Hasafah and Raya.

    In general. Aim for removal, removal and once more, removal. Dont waste your wildcards on some defensive/reactive cards. "Killing stuff" is still the most important thing in this game.
    Fire School: You should get the most efficient fire spells just with opening packs > Fire Bolt and Forked Firebolt so i hope you will not be that unlucky to miss them. Arkaths Wrath is a spell which doesnt work well with most creature decks so you should actually stay away from it, but in the decks it works with, it is very very annoying...just dont get it in the beginning.

    Dark School: The real difference makers are Alone in the Dark and Soulreaver (focus on Soulreaver as it is more reliable). Honorable mention to Enthrall, but it is not recommended to get it because most decks dont go for 6 magic currently. I cant seem to find it, but Mushidoz has a weird liking for Cheap Death. NO NO NO, for the love of god, stay away from that card, its bad. Trust me on that one, it would be a big mistake even wasting one wildcard on it.

    Water School: Geyser, this card is a 4x autoinclude in basically ever water deck. Every opponent will play around Geyser after they got hit by once which can give you some indirect advantage. It will cost you something, but if you want to play a water hero, you cant allow yourself to miss out on this spell. If you consider going to 5 magic with your deck, then some copies 2-3 of Ice Meteor are an excellent choice. Honorable mention to Frozen Wave, but it requires you to play a deck with a lot of flying creatures, otherwise you will end up killing yourself along with your opponent.

    Earth School: This magic lacks options, badly. The onyl spell you really want is Insect Swarm as it is premium standard removal. Honorable mention to Stone Shield and Natures Wrath, but absolutely no must haves by any means.

    Light School: Very bad magic school. It can deal with ongoing spells which is a plus but you simply wont find that many .The general removal here is either overcosted or not efficient. Your best bet would be Blinding Light though as it provides multiple options.

    Air School: Very bad as well. The few spells which are worth including are Lightning Bolt and Storm Rage. Honorable Mention to Blessing of the Storm and Windborn Speed, they are used as finishers but nothing you have to desperately get. Father Skys Wrath is ususally not worth the 5 magic investment.

    Prime School: Sadly, you have to invest something to get the actual good spells. But those can really make the difference. Town Portal, Disintegration and Timejump are probably the best spells you can get. Other cards worth mentioning are Relocation, Magic Deal and Void Ripple. Relocation can be a nice surprise card but its not easy to use the effect early (with 4 magic) for decks outside from Academy. Void Ripples effect is very strong but its damn expensive with 6 magic and 6 resources. Magic Deal can be either gamebreaking or worthless, dont take the gamble as a newcomer, invest your money/wildcards for actual removal.

    Fortunes: Most fortunes are not really that good in the game. Creature/Spell decks are superior to Creature/Fortune decks. Thats why i will just name the cards you should look at.

    Neutral: Revised Tactics, Broken Bridge, Campfire, Time of Need, Golden Horseshoe.
    Academy: Void Trap, Memory Lapse, Shifting Fates, Circle of Nine, Favorite Spell, Titan Workforce and Arcane Intuition. Good amount of decet fortunes but as i said, its just not that their meta and fortunes have trouble dealing with creatures on the board, stick with spells.

    Haven: Construction and Cassandras Imperial Devotion, i wouldnt recommend anything else currently.
    Inferno: Garants Purge. They have some other cards which can be strong in dedicated discard/damage dealing decks but shouldnt be used in other decks. > Hall of Torment, Ur Jubaals Call, Dunes of Madness, Halls of Amnesia, Maws of Chaos.
    Necropolis: Only if you really want to play the Seria token deck > Undead Reinforcements, Reanimation, Army of the Dead, Bone to Bone, Serias Legion.
    Sanctuary: Black Lotus Pond is the by far best choice here. Honorable Mention to truce, Sinkhole, Honor Binds Us and Battle Trance.
    Stronghold: Sacrifical Altar. Might of the Tribe and Surprise Attack. (The last two cards are mainly used in the Acamas fortune deck, but sacrificial altar is the general removal fortune).

    Creatures/Buildings for all Factions:

    Academy: Stay away from the buildings, most of them are not even worth mentioning. If you were really trying hard and picked Academy in the beginning your best bet is to stick to your Evade Beastmen and Crimson Apprentice and not buying those higher cost creatures or creatures with difficult requirements. To illustrate that, Titan and Surging Titan could have a lot of impact on the board if used wisely. But both of them require 4Might/Magic or 5 Might/Magic respectively, its almost impossible impossible playing them on curve even if you really want to and stuff your deck with magic channelers. Thats why you will just have an easier time with creatures like Rakshasa Scout or Dervish Master. I wouldnt directly recommend Nur, Spellweaver because she doesnt influence the board like most other unique creatures.

    Barracks ehm....i mean Haven. You should really get Barracks, that card alone is able to keep them at higher MMR despite being just a common card. Only get it when you play a deck with a heavy focus on human creatures, you wont benefit if you play too many pretty angels. Anael, Angel of Redemption is the big exception though. The faction unique is so powerful that it should be in every Haven deck. Other cards worth mentioning are Blessing Inquisitor, Cleansing Priestess and Angel Protector and Warding Inquisitor.

    Inferno: One of the main strenghts of infenro is that all (or pretty much most of them) of their creatures synergize with each other, with adding a certain card, you wont lose power or effectiveness. Succubus, Hatching Breeder, Juggernaut, Thrall of hatred( being a rare card, you will probably need to get it from the altar, insane synergy with about 90% demons in that faction). Fate Bender, Osmotic Breeder, Lurker in the Dark, maniac Taskmaster are all great choices.
    Special mention to cards like Hellfire Maniac and Doombringer, both require 5 Might which is maybe not the norm, so be aware of that, if you decide to play at 5 Might, they are must haves. Last, Lava Spawn, might seem very powerful but will certainly lose efficiency as you rise in MMR, most factions will either have removal ready or have great blockers early on. Only fits in heavy heavy rush decks.

    Necropolis: This is probably the faction where you dont have to invest that much in the beginnin, a lot of their commons are very strong. If you are unlucky with your uncommons then you cant pass Vampire Knight though, 2-0-5 with Life Drain is quite strong. As well as the building Boneyard, if your opponent doesnt run banishing events and has no means to rush you, it will provide a great buff for your necro decks. Atropos the faction unqiue is definitely strong and a good pick as well. The Banshee is actualyl a strong card but will lose in value once you get to the high MMR (above 1800) but very well woeth considering when you start the game and really want to play Necro.

    Sanctuary: Shinje Warrior is a great defensive card which will force your opponent to do something to get rid of it and can buy you precious time. Shark Bodyguard is a great card with easy requirements. Raya The Cleavage is gamebreaking if your opponent doesnt kill her fast enough.
    Blessed Lake Spirit is a card which will protect you from pretty much any removal your opponent wants to play. There are obviously ways to play around it, but most of your opponents will most likely not play with counter events or have "Arkaths Annoyance" to ignore Spirits effect. Definitely worth considering once you have collected about everything else and want to include some "counters" to your deck.

    Stronghold: Zefiria, The Windchaser is insanely strong and a must have for every Stronghold Fan. Blackskull Shredder, Bloodsnake Shaman are great buffs as well. War Tent, the building can proof to be a permanent threat which is not that easy to get rid off. Finally, Blackskull Crusher is a very specialized card which i wouldnt recommend early on but it depends on the opponents you encounter and in the environment you play. If you face a lot of decks which want to win with basically spells alone (MassRage/Immolation/Frozen Wave) those Crushers will help you immensely against them.

    Damn, i'm run out of steam, i will leave it for now and hope that i could help anyone new who actually read this wall of china text.
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    Gustav, there's a couple of things that need to be said off your reply..

    1 - I never kept it secret in my post that I absolutely disgust necropolis. I said it very clearly at least 4 times in the initial thread. More on that in a later reply to one of your points.

    2 - Most of what I said you basically repeated oO

    3 - Every suggestions I made on what to buy (pack-wise) were all made with 1 thing in mind "Impact vs probability of getting the card ratio". With that in mind, I gave my suggestions as to which packs are likely to give you the most common/uncommon cards that make the biggest difference in the early phase of playing this game. I absolutely recommend that you take the time to check on the cards I suggested and the order I suggested in the packs to buy in the altar of wishes and realize by yourself that Base Set 2 is very rarely the best pack to buy. It absolutely isn't. Not only you have to go through a probability of 300 cards before you get the ones that are usable, but the actual impact the cards will have are usually minimal compared to the big quantity of commons/uncommons that the other smaller expansions will bring you. I had to deal with something like 7 accounts, I really know what I'm talking about here.

    The only super high impact cards that you will get for from Base Set 2 for your STARTING DECKS are heroes, Geyser, Focused Mind, and some unique creatures. Since heroes are not exactly necessary when you start off (since you do not have a specific deck focus as a new player), it only leaves Geyser, Focused mind and some of the unique cards... which are incidentally the cards I suggested getting from the altar of wishes.

    4 - Speaking of the altar, it is indeed best not to buy too much from it early on.. which is why I made the list as limited as possible, and only on super big impact cards. Heck, I even suggested not to buy 4 geysers, so that if you manage to get 1 from a pack you at least didn't waste your wild cards (again, I know what I'm talking about, and economy of resources was one one of my goals even for throwaway accounts). I never recommended players to use their wild cards to get cards like Cheap Death either.

    5 - You might think that Cheap Death is weak, but I know for a fact that it kills a very large selection of super high impact creatures without even using a single crippling counter. I encourage you to check out these creatures and see for yourself that YOU might also be quite biased when it comes to appreciating just how dumb and cheap that card is.. Really, go through the list of creatures for every faction and jot down all the creatures it kills and you will see just how ridiculously valuable that thing is (and super easy to get from Griffin Bane, by the way)

    6 - If you have the time and interest, you should just give my recommendations a shot and see for yourself what I suggested were the best ones. When you start, you want to fill your decks in with as many good creatures of your faction as possible, and getting the packs I suggested will have the highest chances of doing that because I went after the super high value common / uncommon (like Griffin Bane gets you all the stacking common creatures, Sins gives you the Wolf Priest, Griffin Bane gives you all of the Bloodthirst creatures for stronghold (many are common), etc.) If you are super motivated, you can also just recreate another account and try your way, with a big focus on Base Set 2 rather than what I suggested.. and then you will see just how bad Base Set 2 is in the end for most factions.

    Heck, some of the suggestions that you made for creatures even included cards that you will have 4, 6, or even 8 copies of just from the starter decks... <.<

    Note: The only specific "deck" (not exactly) I suggested was for Academy, since that faction probably an equal amount of playable cards from every expansion, meaning that the usual approach to play these guys as a starter (not recommended but..) is to focus on a very specific deck. Therefore I suggested Asalah spirit since most of the cards that you will need as -core- are cards that are common/uncommon at most and will be gotten from Sins of Betrayal. I also suggested that one because just from the starter decks you get more than 4 copies of most of the playable base set 2 elementals already.


    The starter decks are:

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    I have the impression that you didnt understand me.

    It was never my intention to actually criticize your "guide", lets call it like that. Most of it is actually correct and even if you are wrong about few things, (not many, but still) it is a very good source of information for everyone who is new in this game.

    Even if i almost repeated what you said in some paragraphs, you could see it as someone who basically agrees with you and/or like i did, gave more/less information about some other cards. Again, the general content here is without a doubt, correct. To an extent where i would even link it if someone is asking for it in the chatrooms, if a more competent player will actually ever stream this game again...

    As i mentioned, the few things in which you were wrong, which wont still harm anyone if he sticks to your general advice, i simply couldnt let them slide. Like your general opinion about the faction Necropolis, if you provide a guide, try to stay as neutral as possible. Dont give someone the feeling he is almost "cheating" if he is playing them. Thats just silly. Dont ruin your work like that.
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    That's the thing Gustav, you think I am wrong in what I said, and I am not. Even for the super biased necro section (which I admitted several times being biased) I gave my -impression- of the faction. That is what I feel about the faction. My biggest gripe about your reply though (since again, the majority of what you wrote was agreeing with me, as you and I both pointed out), it's that you suggest players to go for Base Set 2 with almost all the factions -- and that is the worst thing to do. By trying to "correct" my "mistakes", you are giving a really bad advice to anyone that will read this.

    Base Set 2 is not the best expansion to get specific or ready-to-include-in-your-new-deck cards, nor is it even a good expansions to get lots of good cards for all the factions. You will be much better off buying 5 packs of Griffin Bane and 5 packs of Nightmare or SoB than buying as many Base Set 2 packs. I am not saying there are no decent cards in those, nor that people should not buy some base set 2 packs early on, but I know personally they are in my lowest of priority of packs to buy when I start a new account, and writing this deck re-established and solidified that thought for me (there is so little in Base Set 2 when it comes to good common and uncommon for most factions.. so little). As soon as the important commons/uncommons are gotten from the suggested expansions, they should move to the next suggestion and maximize the probability of getting a good/useful card.

    PS: You are absolutely right it is best to write such guide while remaining as neutral as possible, but I didn't want to go full neutral. They seek advice from a player.. I am one, I come with my own colours. I am a very honest player, I say what I think and I won't lie about something just to appeal to everyone. I didn't do the opposite either, of spreading lies and say that necro was the strongest faction in the game (they are not) - I said they were far stronger than people consider them to be (you speak to necro users and they claim necro is the worst faction in the game........) and that above all they were annoying and not-fun to play against. You see that all over the forums, far more than other factions (though right now the hatred goes to inferno for obvious reasons). You play necro, you WILL piss players of, far more than if you go sanctuary. I could have written in a fake neutral fashion and have the same message across too, but far more hypocritical and insidius.. but no, I made it super clear what ---->I<----- thought about that faction, that way people can take it with a grain of salt and experience for themselves and make their own mind about it. That's the best I could do I believe, even if it doesn't seem professional (and it wasn't my intention either). <- heck, I even suggested players pick necropolis as their extra starter...
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    I think you both give good advice, let's not muddle the goal of this thread by getting pissy over which set is 'best' to buy.

    It kind of doesn't matter that much honestly, eventually new players will need to diversify anyway, so if they don't quite get the 'best' cards the 'fastest' it doesn't matter that much.

    The best advice (in my opinion, this was the advice jkk gave me early on when I started) is to spend your WCs like there is no tomorrow until you have built a tier1 deck that you like. Even if that means 'wasting' them on a few common/uncommon that you just don't have.

    Getting that one competitive deck will allow you to start earning more gold from jackpots, and even take a swing at swiss if you feel your level of play matches your cards. From there your collection will really snowball as you just win more, and earn your 6k or 12k from taking 4th/5th tier in jackpots. You need to get to champ1 at least, and the faster you do that the better.

    I did this back in the HoN meta with a Kat deck, and yes, I bought 1 Zef (had the other) Dhamran, a couple insect swarms, a couple shredders, and a couple crushers. I probably bought a couple other cards, but once I had those core cards I could actually play competitively, even if only with one deck. From there I continued to splurge on the occasional UC (as I had all the Commons from packs) to round out my other decks, but at that point is was more about acquiring things like 4x geyser or 4x soul reaver since magic schools are playable across all factions.

    And lastly, to new players, don't worry about what someone else thinks will piss off your opponents. Play what you enjoy playing. If that's dumb as hell inferNO, go for it. If that's annoying as anything Necro, go for it.

    Enjoy the game, invite your friends, and eventually you'll be giving the same advice to everyone else
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    @ Mushidoz

    Very nice guide. I agree with most of your advices, and even with most of your opinions. I think it should be sticked..
    Two things I do not agree with are:
    1. Base Set 2 cards are really great. They maybe are not the flashy ones, but they are backbone of most of the decks
    2. Necro. I am dedicated necro player from beginning. And... I HATE crippling. Unfortunately, in Standard, Necro aloms equals crippling. But there are other ways to go, and when you are not going the crippling route, necro decks are (IMO) not boring to play against (like token focused deck for example)

    but please, take it as my opinion only, not as a critique of your work
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