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    Can't leave tomb of 1000 terrors

    3rd playthrough of the game, and I think I might have triggered a bug
    I've talked to the 3 elves at the end, going through all conversation options, and I can't leave.
    It's the first time I've purchased the dagger grandmaster training

    Surely others have had this problem? Is there a fix? Thank you
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    Still waiting for help...
    Anyone had this problem before, or read about others who've had it? Thank you
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    I haven't had this problem, but I did notice that when I play offline, sometimes options are not available such as flying to the Forge or fighting certain characters. I'm not sure this is your issue, but it might be worth checking.
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    Thank you for the idea - however, I am playing "on-line", I think. I go through ubisoft...
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    Got to the same point again, with all might party. No problem - talked to elf, got passage.
    I think with the hybrid party where I got stuck, I went to the exit door first and then back to the elves. Somehow I glitched it out. Anybody know about this glitch?
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    This bug still exists. My second play through with a might party I am stuck in the tomb on level 5 and can't get out. I also got dagger grandmaster at this point. Perhaps this triggers the bug.
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    Confirmed, this bug occurs when you use the escape key to get past the dialog of the dark elf when she is outside the cave. She goes in the cave without "unlocking" the door out and the bug is manifest.

    You can alter the entry for the exit door (which is actually an entrance door in the save file) in the save file to activate it and allow your party to get out of the tomb. I used Notepad ++ after converting the save file to XML with M&MX Save Game Converter.

    Search through the interactive objects that have the static ID of 3 which is an entrance. Find the once with an x,y location of 1,10 because that is where the "exit" door is located in The Tomb of 1000 Horrors level 5. Once you find it alter the "is active" entry from "False" to "True". A little lower in the entry for this entrance you will see the two bits of code that tells the door what to do with your party. The second bit has a "conditions" entry with a bunch of numbers as the first bit has just "NONE". Change that second bit to "NONE" also and the save the file and convert it back to a save. Walla ! Your party can now excape the Tomb of 1000 terrors.
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