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    Error Code 0x600000001....

    Hi. After Ubisoft released the latest update patch i encountered the bug were instead of a small update it turned into a 40GB one. After not playing for a long time i uninstalled and re-installed Unity along with all 6ish GB of updates. Since then everytime i start playing it'll notify me that connection to Ubisoft servers have been restored but i can't play/host/join ANY co op missions.

    I've reset my modem, turned my console on and off multiple times but i still can't access multiplayer. I've seen a few temporary fixes here and there but i haven't had any luck.

    Does anyone know a solution to the error? Or if there is going to be an update soon? I've tried going to assassinscreed.com/help but it redirects me to the site homepage.

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    As far as I'm concerned most of the players encounter the multiplayer problem these days. Only the minority of them can connect to servers and play co op missions if not none of them. Most of the time my connection to the servers gets restored after a bit of playing, and that drives me really mad. Nevertheless it does not help and I still can't connect to any of the matches. Hope it gets fixed really quick, but unfotunately I doubt it :/
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