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    assassins creed unity/multiplayer problems

    Okay, so I'm an active playstation plus member, but initiates won't let me onto that and I have no idea how to play multiplayer, this may seem stupid but I'm stuck, help would be appreciated
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    At the moment Initiates is down for maintenance and should be back up very shortly ..

    if you go on to live updates on the Assassins Creed website you will be able to see the status or simply log on to acanitiates.com ..

    I do not play the multiplayer aspect but its very different to previous AC games , this time around you partner up with other ACU Players and carry out different mission types together from Assassinations to prisoner rescues and infiltrating templar controlled areas.. round the map there are members of the Assassin Brotherhood who you can interact with to take part in these sessions ?

    I think there is one as you enter the Sanctuary from the riverside entrance at the bottom of the Bank ( the mission is called heads will roll )

    When you interact with them you will join other players online .
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    Thank you , so like how do you do heists and stuff?
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