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    Now im sure this has been a common theme, but I just recently purchased this game being a huge fan of the map editor for making maps for me and my friends to play on on the xbox 360. I just purchased it yesterday have been messing with the editor and read it does not support multiplayer. Has this been patched in yet or going to because now I feel misled and feel I just wasted a decent chunk of money because if i cant make maps for me and my friends I have no interest in the title. If this is the truth this is a huge disapointment and failure on the developers end imo.
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    Where did you read that it was possible? You can share Single-Player maps and supposedly Co-op will be added to custom maps but no custom Multiplayer.
    You shouldn't drop $60 on just a level editor. Could've bought Unreal Tournament off Steam for less than half that.
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