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    Originally Posted by DanAmrich Go to original post
    Yeah, I'm not aware of any restrictions coming up, but we'll see what happens! We have fun on those alternate shows too.
    Hello Dan
    I've got a question
    do you know if DLC will come for bands that only got 1 song that most people know?
    and then the rest of the songs from the band people don't really know
    or is that for packs?
    the song is in Guitar Hero Rock The 80s
    and it is a master track
    and seeing it was a master track
    I would think it would be easy to get for Rocksmith
    but this is just a question
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    LOL it is funny, I see a lot of, what I would call, artistic guitarist.

    They often dislike bread and butter top 40 artists, some even go so much
    as to shun them as sell outs.
    also they seem to be hugely attracted to some really 'harsh' bands.

    that is cool.

    I guess I am an anti-artsey guitarist

    top 40..ya give it to me !
    heard it a zillion times of the radio?...oh baby, my kinda song

    the really raw harsh independent stuff YIKES ! pass :-P

    I guess I just like the sell outs ....lol
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    Originally Posted by toymachinesh Go to original post
    Well one joke is funny and the other is just annoying and being forced on everyone
    I'm also way past bored of that stupid 'moody blues' crap. It may have ben funny the first couple of times but after that it's just boring. I would, if I was a mod, delete them.

    I'm not a fan of this band myself, but I still have plenty of work to put into Rage and Hendrix. I wish more people would request the bands I want though, get them into the top 40. Might actually get one of them then, hahaha!
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    Originally Posted by DanAmrich Go to original post
    Honestly, it's all the bands you are thinking of. Whether we go to 20 or 40 or 100 or 200 entries, they're still probably going to be bands your recognize or can look up on Wikipedia. The top 200 is not really less obvious than the top 40.

    I notice that sometimes on Facebook, people don't just suggest bands -- they bring them up and act as if it has never occurred to us to include them. Like "You know who you should put in here? Led Zeppelin -- check them out, they're great" (and sometimes less polite versions of that). So all the bands you're thinking of...honestly, they're the bands we're thinking of too.

    We are getting whatever we can whenever we can from that list. Just keep asking for the individual songs by the specific artists that interest you via the request app, and we'll keep trying to make progress.
    Well, the ones I'd really be interested in are the ones I would not have guessed to be in the top 100 or 200. That's also why I asked for it. I was very surprised to see the Scorpions in the top 40 for instance. I'd like to play some of their stuff, but didn't think they were that popular. Or maybe they are just popular to those who play RS and that's why they are in the top 40. Does the average RS player reflect the tastes of the average person on the street listening to music?

    You know who you should put in here? The Beatles -- check them out they're great. Just kidding. I know that you already thought of them. But I'm sure some persons thought of artists I didn't think of and vice versa. That's where a larger list would be helpful.
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    If only we could kill two birds with one stone. I wish....

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    Great choice for this week, one of the only modern bands I actually like. I'm really hoping for some Hybrid Theory love and less obvious choices such as Points of Authority and Place For My Head, but that may just be wishful thinking. It will probably be the mainstream songs like What I've Done, Burn it Down and Bleed it Out. Not bad, but I personally enjoy LP's old school side more.
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    to all the pot stirrers & condescending know it alls that are currently complaing & explaining why they no longer are participating as much
    basically because others are now treating them the same way ............perhaps learn some Forum Etiquitte & put on your Big Boy Pants

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    I'd firstly like to wish everyone a happy new year and say that I'm looking forward to this DLC. I was into Linkin Park quite a few years ago will be nice to have a go at their songs. I just really hope its in the European store on Wednesday as promised as this may take the edge off the wait for the missing stuff.
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    I used to like them back in high school, so I would definitely buy the pack if it includes songs from their first two albums. I recently went on a RS shopping spree so I'm well stocked on songs. Let's see if the pack makes me press the purchse button
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    Originally Posted by tmitch45 Go to original post
    I'd firstly like to wish everyone a happy new year and say that I'm looking forward to this DLC. I was into Linkin Park quite a few years ago will be nice to have a go at their songs. I just really hope its in the European store on Wednesday as promised as this may take the edge off the wait for the missing stuff.
    Sorry Tmitch, but I think you're still looking forward to Jan 13th (14th)....

    Originally Posted by DanAmrich Go to original post
    Tomorrow the Ubisoft offices are closed for Christmas Eve; they'll also be closed Christmas Day. Several staffers won't be returning to work until January 5. I'm one of them. So with that in mind, here's a rundown of what's happening over the break:

    • New DLC releases will resume Jan 6 in all territories except those served by SCEE; that will pick up again Jan 13. I'm planning to post a clue Jan 2, from home.
    • Players who bought the PS3 RS1 import pack should now be able to download it on PS4. Go to the Packs menu and select Rocksmith Disc Import Pack. We're working on alternate methods for PS4 as well as a solution XB1, but that won't happen over the holidays.
    • We don't anticipate any progress on the Xbox licenses issues until the new year.
    • The missing SCEE DLC -- Petty, Foo II, BFMV, Bon Jovi, RATM -- now looks likely to arrive in February 2015. The Jan 13 DLC is expected on-time.
    • The FAQ was updated twice today but probably won't be updated over the break unless something awesome happens regarding the issues above.
    • Keep an eye on @Rocksmithgame and @UbisoftStudioSF over the break just in case something awesome happens.
    • If you encounter any issues with the game, check with @UbisoftSupport or http://support.ubi.com FIRST. They're here for you even if I'm not, and they know more anyway.
    • Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
    • Let your heart be light.
    • From now on, our troubles will be out of sight.

    Thanks for your support, your feedback, and most of all your patience this year -- particularly the last six weeks of unexpected and embarrassing complications. I've lost sleep over them so I'm going to try to catch up on it over the break.

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