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    IL 2 Sturmovik Ultimate Edition exterior views

    I have recently bought IL 2 Sturmovik Ultimate Edition from Amazon this Christmas to replace my damaged Pacific Fighters game. My new game includes IL 2 Forgotten Battles, IL 2 Forgotten Battles (Ace Expansion Pack), IL 2 Sturmovik 1946 and Pacific Fighters. It seemed to install O.K. in my windows 7 operating system and even runs; of a fashion. However I can only play it through the cockpit view mode. With my old Pacific Fighter's game I could change to an exterior view using the numbered F keys but not so with this new one. This Ultimate edition appears to have a lot of good player options via an expanded menu window but I must be able to access exterior modes somehow. How can I do this?
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    There have been several new difficulty switches added with the new patch levels. My guess is that you have one of the new difficulty options still turned on that didn't exist in Pacific Fighters. Start a mission and and click on the Difficulty button. Then click on the VIews button.

    Difficulty > Views

    Turn off the "Cockpit Always On" difficulty switch and you should be able to go through all the other player views.

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