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    Trouble ut' Mill

    Hi ,

    RIVEN X on Mac OS 10.14.6

    I see that some are using it successfully but I can't get it to work on my iMac .

    Im sure I played it a few years ago with my grandson on my iMac but that would have been a previous version odf Mac OS (no idea which)

    I tried downloading the installer in this thread but it says its damaged

    Any thoughts on how to get it to play ?

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    Just to clarify. Neither this topic, nor the installer, offer support, or are in any way connected to the RIVEN X program. As such, any questions about using RIVEN X are best directed to an appropriate RIVEN X forum.

    On the other hand, if you’d like to try my installer (and ScummVM instead of RIVEN X), it’s easy enough to get it running.

    The Riven Mac Installer is designed to run the 5-CD & DVD versions of Riven on Intel Macs using the ScummVM interpreter. It currently supports macOS 10.6 to 10.15, in either 32bit or 64bit mode as appropriate.

    You can avoid the false Gatekeeper message, and allow the installer to run, by removing the quarantine attribute from the installer. I’ve detailed various ways of doing this (depending on the version of macOS) in #35.
    For your version of macOS, use option 3.
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    thank you so much I will try that-I had forgotten about gatekeeper because the program has been installed and backed up from years ago
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    Installer updated to ScummVM v2.2.0 release.

    The next major release of ScummVM (v2.2.0) is now available, and the installer updated, and features two improvements of interest to Riven fans.

    The first is the long awaited integration of the Riven Options Menu into the general game options. The Menu can now be accessed from within the Launcher (select Edit Game, then the Engine tab) or in-game by selecting Options from the Global Main Menu.

    The second is the introduction of keymaps, which provide access to ScummVM’s keyboard shortcuts, both global and those specifically for Riven, enabling them to be changed to a user’s personal preference.

    The installer’s role is to provide Riven & Mac support. As such, the Riven keymap (available in Game Options) has been adapted for Mac use, now using standard Mac shortcuts (where applicable), and the Space bar as an alternative for opening the Main Menu. Globally available shortcuts haven’t been changed.

    As always, please check the installer’s guide for any changes from previous behaviour.
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