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I've seen a number of people that seem to have trouble setting up the G27 with The Crew and even had a few that have added me on Uplay to ask further questions. Seeing as someone else just posted a DFGT guide, I figured the easiest way to share this with everyone is to make a guide detailing how I set up my G27 and what settings I use as a basic guideline to help you set up yours. This is written in a short and sweet format without wasting too much time on unnecessary explanations. The following settings are what I use to make the game feel easier to control as well as more precise by giving you a slightly wider turning radius as opposed to the narrow one used by default.

Note: If your wheel isn't being detected by the software/game then you will need to try different USB ports until you find one that works as some USB ports are incompatible with certain peripherals for complex chipset reasons that I don't wish to waste time explaining here. Avoid using any type of USB Hub, whether standalone or integrated into other peripherals, and connect directly to your computer to rule out any conflicts. Some front panel USB ports may also be incompatible.


Let's begin

Download and install the Logitech Gaming Software for your Windows version from here: Logitech Website - Official G27 Support

Note: If you have other Logitech devices such as a keyboard or mouse like myself then you may think you have this installed but you most likely don't. This version is different from the most recent up to date main version. The confusion arises from the fact they're both named the same. If you have the newest version installed because you have their keyboard or mouse then you'll need to install this as well since the other cannot interface with the wheel. You will notice right away that their GUI differs from one another.

Open the software and if it looks like the image below then you have installed the correct version: Logitech Profiler

(Disregard "Play The Crew" as on initial start up you won't have that, but after these steps you will.)


Creating a profile for The Crew

Click "Profile" then click "New..."

Click "Browse..." then navigate to the location where your game is installed.
(For example, mine is located in the "E:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\The Crew (Worldwide)" folder.)

Select "The Crew" then click "Open"

Name the profile "The Crew" then select to use the game's icon and click "OK"


Setting up a profile for The Crew

Click "Edit" then click "Specific Game Settings..."

Apply the settings shown below then click "OK"
(The "Degrees Of Rotation" slider is easier to control if you drag it all the way to the left and then use the arrow keys to adjust it more precisely. These settings are a mix between solid feedback and control. More examples added below of alternate settings I cycle through.)

Addendum: Here are examples of some of my alternate settings.
Spoiler:  Show

The first is for the most consistent feedback in all situations while remaining firm on road cars but also easy to handle on off road cars. They provide linear feedback in almost every car and situation while having a slightly narrower (but still wider than in game default) turning radius. The second are if you prefer a more relaxed sim feel. They give an even wider turning radius while remaining easy to control. The "Overall Effects Strength" is set to my highest preference using the most bumpy/twitchy feeling cars, which are Dirt/Raid, as a tolerable baseline. This means I can drive all other cars perfectly smooth and not worry about fighting with the wheel when hopping in Dirt/Raid cars. These settings were also at the end of my original post which seemed to have been overlooked.

Click "Options" then "Global Profiler Settings..."

Apply the options shown below then click "OK"


Adjusting in game settings for The Crew

Under the "Controls" section you are really only concerned with the first 2 options when using the G27 as the others are for a controller. The settings I use are shown below. You can change the first 2 to suit your preference but we're using a G27 so let's go for max fun!

Under the "Wheel Controls" section are the options that alter how the G27 wheel and pedals will feel and respond. My settings are shown below. My "Force Feedback" slider is down 3 notches from the right to avoid force feedback clipping. I highly recommend not maxing out this slider nor going too low. Shown below are "H-Gate" settings. "Sequential" shown here: Just for reference.

The rest of the "Wheel Controls" settings should be set to default as shown below. Sliders are at the end of their respective locations.


Key mappings should already be assigned by default upon launching the game as mine were once the G27 was detected. If they aren't then you will need to assign them in game which is a pretty simple and straight forward process. You can further adjust and tweak the various settings to suit your driving style and to have the wheel feel comfortable in your hands. It took me a few days of tinkering and driving different types of cars on various terrain to dial in a few settings that feel good to me. Find your perfect settings and I'll see you on the road!

Footnote: Extra tuning options for advanced tweaking available here. More opinions on wheel settings available here.