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    Five Gold Diamonds Legendary Assassin

    So, bassicly.
    I have seen people having Five diamonds as their equipment rating.

    I was wondering how to get that.
    I am in sequence 6 and I have a COMPLETE Legendary fully Upgraded set and I have Five diamonds aswell, I just don't understand why won't they turn gold.

    I assume it's because of my progress through the story.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    You must have very high level gear put on. On club comp, my clan won first and got high level gear and so it has gold diamond status. Playing story does progress your character though and a lot of co-op play as well.
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    It is also determined by the skills you have purchased. I had fully upgraded legendary gear for a while, but only got gold diamonds once a purchased more skills.
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    How to get Gold diamonds in your name.

    You are kind of right, the way you get 5 Golden diamonds in Assassin's Creed: Unity is by having the following requirements met:
    - Legendary Head Piece
    - Legendary Body Piece
    - Legendary Forearm Piece
    - Legendary Belt
    - Legendary Legs
    - Legendary Primary Weapon (One Handed, Long, Heavy, Rifle, Guillotine Gun)
    - Legendary Secondary Weapon (Pistol)

    ::If you don't know whether an item is legendary or not look in the top left of the screen, if the diamonds are gold, it's legendary.::
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    Thanks but this didn't quite help me because I have already stated.
    I have A COMPLETE Legendary FULLY UPGRADED Set.
    I am talking about everything, weapon, pistol, hood, chest, pants, everything.
    And I already have 5 regular diamonds.

    I got quite a bit of skill points aswell and I am an Advanced Officer, so I bassicly do all the stuff that you guys have stated here except club competitions.
    But my gear is very high level anyways, I am rocking the Phantom set by the way.
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    this might explain it better for you.
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    Thanks everyone.
    I have achieved a rank of 5 Gold Diamonds after finishing the game.
    I finished the game so I could get some skill points.
    The co-op is amazing on this game, the story-line aswell..

    This game is a master-piece and I am glad I bought it.
    I will definetly continue to play this one unlike the others which after you finished them they got really boring.
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    I'm on sequence 6 and my rank is 1... Finding it pretty difficult, I guess it's time to take a break from the story and upgrade my stuff...
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    **EDIT** So It looks like if you download the Dead Kings DLC, it prevents you from gettig the gold stars. I have EVERY skill now and even the The Eagle. So, no need to fuss over that. Hopefully, Ubisoft reads this and issues a small patch that can fix that. I think players like us should earn that, even if it is small.

    I know this is a very old bump, but I wanted to see is there a certain forumla to this (along with my other thread about coop missions on solo).

    The above video really didn't help. Not to mention, I have MOST skills unlocked. I'm going thru coop on solo to try and unlock EVERY skill which will take a while. I've attached a video to show you what I have. Looking at the above video, it's pretty much the same...

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    i did all but still i didnt reach
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