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    AC Unity coop and Heist : How to communicate ?

    I am probably a moron for asking this, but i need to know, how to talk with the player you meet in coop and heist?
    I looked everywhere in the control key and I don't how to type a message or how to even emote
    AC is pretty easy so it's not that it's actually necessary but for a coop game, you feel pretty alone with all those muted assassins doing their things alone on a group mission

    Am I missing something?
    Even Journey have more communication possibility with other player
    Here i can only crouch repetitively to show that I'm vaguely aware of their presence
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    I assume you are playing on a PC. If yes then one of the things that helps is if the people are your friends. You can then communicate via Uplay in-game via your keyboard the Shift+F2 combo. However, that doesn't work too well in-game when all the action is going on. The best option is to have at least a MIC and I would suspect a Headset+Mic combo that would make communication easier. I haven't tried this in-game with people who are not in the same club so I don't know how well lit works. I have tried it with other club members and it does work, although it takes a little while to sort out who the different voices belong to. My personal view is that communication with other players is more important during club competition time as opposed to normal play.
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    Originally Posted by Trils333 Go to original post
    ... you feel pretty alone with all those muted assassins doing their things alone on a group mission ...
    We do have voice chat feature which in itself is a totally useless feature.
    Co-op Scenario:

    Player Me: OK. Try not alert those soldiers below.
    Player 02: .... static .... static .... static ... static ...
    Player 03: [rush right into those soldiers below, and got pwned then floored]
    Player 04: rrrrrrrrrruskiiiiii?
    Player Me: ... [ ...why bother?]
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    I don't get it
    On PC would it have been so hard to make a small message chat?
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    No one knows how to use the voice chat in-game?
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    Some groups are using a voice chat system via Raidcall.com which seems to be better n some circumstances. Have used this and in-game method. Raidcall has the edge over in-game but does take a bit of tweaking.
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    Apparently this game is console port so therefore there is no text box where u can chat with other players. Even if it was I bet you'd be matched with ppl who do not speak your language anyways. So why bother at all? Ubisoft logic
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    Voice chat is driving me insane in games these days. Either people clog up the feed with insanity or incessant feedback or they're hyperventilating into the mic.

    I'd rather just play silently with my team. There's an unspoken language between assassins I've noticed about who's going to do what. The game does have a target marking feature which I haven't used much but could be useful.
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    Don't forget the timed countdown by aiming and pressing E to help time double kills
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