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    i know for a fact what spits we are getting in the patch.

    Gibbage has heard from Oleg that there will be three types of mkIX + clipped wing versions for two out of the three.

    LF mkIXc
    LF mkIXc (clipped)
    LF mkIXe
    LF mkIXe (clipped)
    "HP" mkIXc (standard wing only)

    there may also be bomb load outs for the mkIX but as of right now it is not offical.

    As for the "HP" variant oleg says its the high altitude engine, i put it in quotations because historically the high altitude variant was labled the HFmkIX withthe merlin 70 engine. so we will see how it is explained when the patch arrives.

    fun times when the patch arrives "be sure"
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    I think there is going to be a re kit in my squad when the 9 arrives, and we've only just taken delivery of our 5's

    T4T recruitment officer

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    This is just a bit off topic, but I was wondering if Oleg is gonna give us the first Spit model that was flown pre-and early BOB. I'm thinking of the one that cut out, at neg g's. I realize they just put a metal plate over the carburetor at first to help with the issues, but still the Spits had to roll into split S to follow the 109s down.

    I'm thinking in terms of the coming BOB WIP as I mention this.

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    And all i would like is the full ordnance for the Hurricane...a.k.a...The Hurribomber...still all extra warbirds are a bonus, but more loadouts for most of the aircraft would be sweet

    "#2 Attack that ship".."#1..with what?".."#2 your ordnance DAMMIT!".."#1 my ordnance is in Olegs office, same place yours is".."#2 we'd better learn German then"
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    Oleg definitely has got one thing right, the aircraft are tops.

    I remember downloading and tweaking like crazy in MSFT FS2002 and all the MSFT CFS1,2,3 aircraft. I wound up with the craziest bunch of aircraft stuff imaginable. I remember the awful F4U I replaced with an orbital thing that looked like an F4U and manuevered like a Zero, that would run 600 knots flat out level. --- Wow were those the days.

    The MSFT FS2004 is just about as bad, but the sim is definitely a class above FS2002 now. I don't need to say anything about MSFT CFS3...it's just in the tank (toilet bowl)!

    Keep up the good work 1C:Maddox, and if you really get ambitious; give us an FMB equal to the quality of aircraft. We'll all be in Sturgeon embryos (Caviar) then.

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    Weren't there F Mk IXes or don't we just get them??
    Don't know much about Spits, but wasn't
    a the 8x .303 wing
    b the 4x .303 + 2x 20mm wing
    c the 2x .50 + 2x 20mm wing
    and e the "universal wing" with various gun (like b and c) options?
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    Are those B25s going to be flyable?!
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