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    I would do all this stuff but I don't understand how any of it works! There is too much! Nomad points, nomad brotherhood, companion app, helix stuff, initiates stuff... I don't understand any of this so I just give up...
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    I took a short break from ACU because of the time I put into the game and companion app, but to only have everything un-synced from the companion app and lose everything I have worked for, lost premium status twice (Bought it three times) and ACI saying I am back down to a level 6 (13 before with all my games synced correctly). I still cannot access any of the chests, even after restarting and waiting since the post by Ubisoft. They really make you work twice as hard to like this game don't they?

    EDIT: And WHY doest it say on here that I have only been a member of UPlay since Nov 2014??? I have been here for years!!
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    Thanks for the news and all your efforts! And have merry Christmas you too!
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    Yesterday, 12:49 PM
    Originally Posted by Ceelaris
    When did you log in to Initiates for the very first time? Was it still in Alpha (before the months of downtime) or when Unity came out?
    If I remember correctly, you didn't get a redeem code for these three Initiates items, just a popup on Initiates saying they were unlocked. Did you check in Black Flag if you have the sails?

    And there is no Initiates stuff for Rogue as far as I know. Those legacy outfits don't have anything to do with Initiates.
    I log for the first time last june... YES, i have the sails...

    That's what i wrote, NO STUFF FOR BF OR ROGUE.

    I received 15 chests for Unity but nothing for BF or Rogue.

    I'll never know what's inside these chests because i'll NEVER buy Unity, this game sucks soooo bad.

    Anyway, AC is really losing quality and all Ubisoft games are now low rated. That's what happen when your sitting on your legacy instead continue to building it...
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    So... what about the artifacts?
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    Can you unlock all the companion app missions/chests too? I have a mission that is still locked even though I've completed everything in the companion app. The app thinks I've already done the mission. With no way to reset the app, it is permanently locked away and I can't 100% the game.
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    How about unlocking all Companion App chests too? It's been just as broken as the Initiates site.
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    I think Companion app is much worse than Initiates, I hope they unlock everything companion app too
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    I'm online and I keep getting Connection failed error code 0x8000000d. Kept trying for like 30 minutes by going from chest to chest and all give me the error.
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    Good, now get rid of the nomad chests and the requirement to play club competition for legendary gear and then we're set.
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