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    Christmas gift for community - 128 slots DRAFT TOURNAMENT!!

    Hello everyone, I'm proud to present beta version of draft tool! With this tool I'll make a 128 slots Sealed Draft Tournament!

    First I want to talk about drawing a card pool(It may change because I'm testing different settings):

    Following cards will be drown:
    - 3 heroes from different fractions (for example, Haven, Sanctuary and Inferno)
    - 12 events
    - 96 commons(in this example it'll be drown from these three fractions + neutrals and spells, that these 3 hero can use)
    - 36 uncommons
    - 12 epics/rares (propability og getting epic is 1/6)

    Registration and tournament schedule:

    Write your IGN in this topic There are only 128 slots!

    whole tournament will be played on Saturday - 3rd of January - start at 2pm Paris time.

    Rules of Tournament:

    - tournament format -> STD

    - It's a single elimination tournament, each match except final is BO3.

    - Player pick only one hero from three available heroes, and draft his/her deck. Only this deck can be played in the tournament. Changes are not allowed. Deck must have minimum 59 cards.

    - Winner of each match(whole bo3) sends me email with outcome of match, and replays. Please send outcomes to ligadruzynowa@gmail.com

    - If opponent wont show in 30 minutes from start of round, he/she will be DQ-ed.

    IMPORTANT! About draft website and drafting tool:

    I cannot show You website, cause im afraid that many people will try to draft deck and use whole data limit(it's a free hosting i have max 165MB output data limit, and generating 1 draft is about 0,7MB). Moreover, please be fair, cause mechanism of checking that player are spamming new draft for better cards are not implemented yet. Also cause its still beta version, deckbuilder is not done yet(and layout is ugly too :P), You have to make your deck in DoC. I apologize for uncoviniences. Access to site will be given to players 1h before start of tournament.

    Small draft guide:

    1. Click'New draft' in main menu.

    2. Click'New draft' on the right side.

    3. There is main view of draft tool - on the right side of each card is shown in the number of cards of the type that you can add to the deck.

    And I also have question to streamers, maybe u can stream some matches for people? It would be great!

    PS. Sorry for my English, I hope U forgive me!


    1. SCHABIQ69
    2. ProLuckor
    3. IzyiBoteq
    4. Habydyryzy
    5. gpluckydragon
    6. RAYBEN-88
    7. chlebomat18
    8. IRock_n_Roller
    9. JustInTraining
    10. Sjaakira
    11. kondzio.games
    12. Latawic
    13. Arkustan
    14. dethslain
    15. Volverth
    16. Ardorucis
    17. Argenni
    18. Lord_Simplet
    19. pawel999k
    20. Mythrit
    21. Ibas94
    22. XevaloO
    23. Nillicomes
    24. MySoulShard
    25. waragadar
    26. Viktoriya.1
    27. Gonzo1234545
    28. eViperF2
    29. Infernal_Wisdom
    30. DirtyOld
    31. Adrenax1
    32. piotrparler
    33. Shirley.
    34. Mitch.sp
    35. Ertai82
    36. Sebastrenter
    37. kamilnkw
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    Hi Lorenthiel !

    Best Christmas wishes from my side. I think its an great idea to make this kind of draft tournament, i will support it.
    Kimmundi, god bless him, gave me some codes before he left, so i will give one SOB BOX Code to the winner of this tournament !
    I hope you get many participiants, i will promote the tournament in german forums also.

    Good luck and happy Christmas to everyone !

    P.S: Add me ingame Lorenthiel, so we can talk directly.
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    Add me ! SCHABIQ69
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    i d like to join
    IGN: ProLuckor
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    I would like to play
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    Habydyryzy I'm in
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    I'd like to join this. ID: gpluckydragon
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    will the cardpool be open, std or something different?
    thumbs up for this kind of tournament anyway
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    I'm in
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    Originally Posted by Arkustan Go to original post
    will the cardpool be open, std or something different?
    thumbs up for this kind of tournament anyway
    I completely forgot to mention a tournament format - its of course standard
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