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    Excellent fix

    Ran into this problem for the very first time ever on my GTX 960, and this fixed it right away. Thanks for this. I had no idea such a program even existed.
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    thanks for this beeing one of the first hits i found when searching after firing up AC3 for the first time since the game came out

    this fix worked out perfectly so far(just started the game but all the glitching experienced so far is gone.
    I thought i was having some kind of eye siezure when desmond slided down a slope and the camera was at like 3 different angles at the same time
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    Future player

    Hi past players,

    Im a future AC3 PC player from the year 2020. Just saying that they didn't patch it.

    Thanks past player for your service!

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    This is cool and all but where in the freak is the tool icon the images got fricked and I cant see either
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    What this post doesn't mention is this suppose to work with low-end systems, or stutters on low settings?
    Because the main problem with the game is that it works the gpu like crazy, and people are getting the stutters because the gpu goes to 100%. My gpu is around 70-80% in not very populated areas, but goes up to 90%+ with spikes to 100% when around big crowds.
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