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    Contacting Ubisoft Support

    If you wish to receive technical or customer support regarding Tetris Ultimate, please visit our support website: support.ubi.com.

    If you are having an issue with the PC version of Tetris, please follow this guide here.

    If you need help to reach out to Support for other versions of the game, please use the step by step guide shown here: Here!
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    Farcry 5

    Hi I'm literally stuck I'm in a mission and it's all glitched out it won't let me complete the mission and I go to quit the mission and it just resets me to lust cheek point I click on reset to lust cheek point and nuthing won't let me quit and reseating the Xbox or game don't fix anything I'm pretty far in the game so not Verry happy seeing as I payed 150 for a game that feels hulf finished with all these glitches
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    Problems with Tetris Ultimate

    I am beyond frustrated with ubisoft. Been trying for several days to resolve problem with Nintendo 3dsXL game card (Tetris Ultimate) purchased for grandson. Can not get through to chat or email. Screen just jumps back to top of home page.
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