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    It's really concerning to hear, that you are already trying fo two years to fix the challenge feed... On the other hand it's weird that some people manage to get it to work, at least on Playstation 4 as it seems. The XBO haven't had one guy to unlock the achievement since July. I contacted the last 10 people who unlocked the achievement to see if their challenge feed still works - ALL of them reported that it only shows random badges in their challenge feed. So even the people who got it to work now can't access the challenge feed on XBO anymore. I didn't try to delete my save file yet - as I have every badge except the two from the challenge feed, and I reached the rank of a black belt - I don't want to lose the progess - I really don't.
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    I found out that the Xbox Gamertag update was released about the time where no one was able to access the challenge feed on Xbox One anymore, so maybe the update changed something that was vital for the challenge feed to work...
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    Sorry it took me a while to reply.
    Just wanted to let everyone know about the state of the challenge feed and how Ubisoft gave up on this feature way back when.
    I'm going to post the final answer I got from support that is also the final nail in the coffin. If what they said there is true, this game can no longer be 100% complete for trophy/achievement hunters.
    What bugs and annoys me more is that people have been complaining for a while about the challenge feed not working as far as 2015 and nothing has been done about it.
    HELL Ubisoft changed the requirements for some trophies on Rainbow Six Siege not too long ago, why not do it here? apparently the requirements to get these badges the unlock the trophy/achievement "High Score!" are totally different and much easier on the PS Vita. You only need to beat your high-score 20 time. What. The. Actual. ****. Why couldn't we get the same requirements on consoles?

    Anyway here is the answer I was provided with for Ubi:

    Hello WayToKilya,

    We hope our email finds you well.

    We are writing to you regarding the issue you have reported with completing the Top Dog and Retribution challenges in Tetris Ultimate.

    We have received a reply from our responsible department regarding the matter. Please be advised, that as this game is no longer in active development, the issues will likely not be resolved.

    Unfortunately a solution for the issues has not been found during the time in which they were being investigated.

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding on the matter.

    For any further queries you might have, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

    We remain at your disposal!
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