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    How many helix artefacts have u found?

    Guys, I am so piss about unlocking artifacts from initiates and companions

    As u know, initiates unlock artifacts at level 1, I am at level 19

    So far, I found 2 in Belle Époque and 2 in Paris, that's it. I haven't found any in medieval. I suspected glitches

    I haven't unlock those from companion but I am about to. Could u tell me the locations of them (both initiates and companion)?

    I have done everything in the game except those bloody artifacts. I swear to god, if it is glitch that's one of them disappear and make me have to start a brand new save, I am gonna be so piss.

    F@cking companion and initiates, if u want to connect everything, they must have to work in the 1st place! With each other!
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    Here's a video detailing the locations. Use these images for reference in the video.

    Also relevant is the speedrun guide/exploit of the companion app.

    Yeah, the apps are horrible, as they lock in game content rather than enhance it.
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    I found 1 in medieval. I wish they'd just forget companion app and acinitiates. They're not even fun to use
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