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    Platform: iOS
    ID: Maci_011
    I have been playing Trials Frontier since 2014
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    Platform iOS
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  3. #2403

    Bunker down????

    Is anyone else having major issues with the Bunker loading?
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  4. #2404
    issues with the bunker here too. I remember it was the same issue last year, afraid they wont fix it this time
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  5. #2405
    Major issues here too, started three challenges on Saturday night, maybe Sunday and could only race two tracks in one of the heats. I haven’t been able to clear those out now. Can’t claim any golden ticket gifts from my friend list either. I’m also having issues with things loading elsewhere, like ghost runs loading on normal map tracks.
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  6. #2406
    there is also a problem with the leaderboard and friends list
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