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    New update Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag?

    What update?
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    Curious about this as well. Steam just updated my AC: Black flag but I can't find any information about it or any patchnotes whatsoever. Also apparently some people lost their savegames after the update.
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    Originally Posted by tr1ton_ Go to original post
    What update?
    I just checked, and I launched AC4BF from Uplay, there is no update. So maybe the update is Steam related?
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    I also just downloaded a 14.1 MB patch on Steam. I tried loading up Black Flag but it no longer recognizes my mouse or keyboard. It just says Press Any Key until the intro movie automatically starts playing. I cannot even move the mouse cursor.


    I verified the game files in Steam with no change in behavior. Interestingly, Shift+F2 works, I can bring up uplay and move the mouse cursor. But after closing uplay, the game will not respond to any inputs.
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    The update system is horrible, the games just update without any proper notes and Ubisoft idea of a changelog is " fixed some issues on X"
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