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    Post your PSN ID here! (PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3)

    Need someone to play multiplayer with? Need some help conquering Outposts? Want a co-op partner? You've come to the right place!

    Post the following information if any of the above applies to you:
    • Platform:
    • PSN ID:

    We'll keep this thread updated with everyone who posts their information. Here, I'll start!

    PlayStation 4:
    1. xMiisty
    PSN ID: Miistymiisty

    2. Nathaniel7515
    PSN ID: Hyph_100

    3. Louie1170
    PSN ID: Louie1170

    4. Sci-fi_fanatic22
    PSN ID: Sci-fi_fanatic22

    5. jhuggs
    PSN ID: jonhuggs

    6. mlgprobeastman
    PSN ID: Amira2468

    7. Da_zonk
    PSN ID: Da_Zonk

    8. star-234
    PSN ID: star-234

    9. walkbyfaith76
    PSN ID: walkbyfaith76

    10. CRYPTO196
    PSN ID: crypto196

    11. dannymyr
    PSN ID: dannymyr

    12. pycknuly
    PSN ID: skillypyckn09

    13. leelee22889
    PSN ID: leelee22889

    14. Magemarshmellow
    PSN ID: jakethesnake2456

    15. Element_Five
    PSN ID: Element_Five

    16. Jordthebrave
    PSN ID: Neptune_Ink

    17. SlakeArenil
    PSN ID: SlakeArenil

    18. silvanr
    PSN ID: silvanr

    19. seoul_teamwork
    PSN ID: Seoul_Teamwork

    20. Wharblegurble
    PSN ID: wharblegurble

    21. NVGC25
    PSN ID: nvgc25

    22. medster101
    PSN ID: medster101

    23. nameless393
    PSN ID: Nameless393

    24. Inskey_
    PSN ID: Inskey_

    PlayStation 3:

    1. Jeffreybbq2
    PSN ID: Jeffreybbq2

    2. TheGrognard
    PSN ID: thegrognard

    3. Schwarzman1
    PSN ID: schwarzman1

    4. iam_tobey
    PSN ID: iam_tobey

    5. dylanderch
    PSN ID: dylanderch

    6. Dobby_90
    PSN ID: Dobby_90

    7. mknla
    PSN ID: mknla

    8. GanNing90
    PSN ID: Ganning90

    9. t_206
    PSN ID: t-206

    10. TheGreatKimo
    PSN ID: The_Great_Kimo

    11. eds121
    PSN ID: eds121


    Do you play on Xbox? Check this thread out HERE!
    Do you play on PC? Check this thread out HERE!
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    ill play co-op do any missions

    Hyph_100 ps4 add meeeee
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    Add me for Co-op!

    Playstation 4

    PSN: Louie1170

    Add me and lets do some co-op!
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    please remove my name from this list. I dont play far cry 4 anymore
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    PS4 also, PSN name is jonhuggs going to add people from this thread feel free to add me as well
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    Ps4 too, I need coop trophies

    Add Amira2468, I want the coop trophies and would love for someone to help me get them
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    Co-op partner

    Platform: Playstation 3
    PSN: Jeffreybbq2

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    Plarform: PS4
    PSN: Da_Zonk

    Need a co-op partner. I have a mic.
    If you add me on psn, just write that you found me here or something, so that i know why i suddenly get random request
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    PS3 thegrognard, please add 'FC4MP' to message. Thanks!!
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    PSN- star-234. I also have a mic and I need co-op partner.
    Im on ps4
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