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    Problem with AC Revelations


    i bought and installed AC Révélations on my PC yesterday and there's a problem with the game.
    After having killed a templier's chef, just before going to Constantinople, the screen stay black and i can hear the sound of the game. I have to do "ctrl alt del" to come back on the desk.
    I have desinstalled and reinstalled the game, for the same result.

    My PC is a
    core i3
    6g ram
    nvidia 840m

    Can you tell me if there's a solution for me please ?

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    You might want to open a ticket, chances are you'll get a faster reply than here.

    (oodly for many people, black screen was usually at start> Did you try to google that and see if anyone found a workaround?)
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    Hello, What driver version you have?

    And also, are you playing online or offline and is the game fully patched?
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    i don't know the driver's version, how can i see it ?

    I've played offline and online, and the result is the same.

    My PC has detected automatically the patch 1.03, so i've downloaded and installed it, i think it's the last patch...
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    I finally found the solution

    Shame on me, my PC has "2 graphic cards", the 840m and the nvidia graphics family HD, i just had to change the default card, to use the 840m.

    Thanks for your answers !
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