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    10.12.2014 18:00 German Community Stream - CuCu99 as special guest (engl. interview)

    To the >>German Community Stream<<

    Several weeks ago the German community stream was revived. For the German players this has become one of the most important events of the week. Meanwhile we could attract some familiar faces for our interviews. (Bomy, Tongkill,...)

    As these interviews are held in English we welcome interested players from all over the world at 6:30 pm CET.

    • Start: 6:00 pm CET
    • Registration: Community Tournament hosted by Emperor81 (well-known germany community member who's already experienced with this) will start at 6:30 pm (Top5 Heroes will be banned - look here L4m4Blog)
    • Deck Check: Anton (played by DirtyOld) - typical structure and variations, pro/con and how to play it
    • English interview with a pro: CuCu99 (live on stream)
    • Did you know? (We explain rare effects you maybe didnt know)
    • Riddles and raffles
    • Community Games like Beat-the-Pro or community Swiss for fame and codes (premium packs)

    • We will present the Anton Deck with games played by DirtyOld (well-known german community member as well)
    • We will pick interesting games out of the community tournament during the interview with CuCu99

    We hope to see you there. The caster (me) tries to speak english as long as he's able to. Maybe we all can create an international community stream!

    Hint: By following the twitch channel you will automatically be informed as soon as we go online!

    Thread on the german forum
    Tournament Registration (ger)
    Tournament Registration in english
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    Updates: 08.12.2014 15:00
    Now there are additional links for the community tournament during the stream and we hope to see you there as well =)
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    Hello to everyone !
    We are looking forward for wednesday evening to have cool duels, a big tournament, interesting interview with Cucu99, many Raffles and Riddles, and a lot of FUN !
    The stream will be in english and german, but all of you are invited and very welcome ! I hope to see you all there !
    Dont miss to join the Tournament, we lend the Hero ban List from L4M4 cause he did a great job to collect those informations.

    Best Regards !
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