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    Best race to farm bucks?

    what is the best race or mission for farming bucks?
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    those 1hour+ races, i got 60k buks from one hour race, and i didn't even have the bonus buck perk!
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    Theres a faction mission called Leaving LA, at level 50 it gives around 30k. It's a 30 checkpoint circuit spec race that takes 12-13 min.
    PvP is also a great place to earn money and experience.
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    There's a super easy mission in the midwest.
    It's a 44km race,you are alone and you only have to be careull to your health.About 15-20 minutes for 30k.
    There are shorter race,like the dry run in the west coast.It's a 22km race with circuit spec,so it last about 5 minutes an give 8k.
    The leaving LA mission is good too,but you have the risk of losing if you get distracted.
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    PVP is best money farm!
    there are races that takes less than 2 mins to complete and gives 16k
    PVP also is insanely good exp farm.
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    Originally Posted by BooLv Go to original post
    there are races that takes less than 2 mins to complete and gives 16k
    We search for the name of it
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    About 8k for an P2P race even if you come last.
    Maybe 6k, not sure actually.
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    pvp, and landmarks.
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    Do the fastest Faction race in the last zone. It's a solo race, without a timer, simply get from A to B, 13mi race, takes a few minutes and pays 8k, plus 200 Faction Points.
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    I use a faction race in New York (Fugitive 1h) for grinding money. It's a 100km race with Raid from New York to mexico border near LA. My personal best is currently 28 minutes, usually I land this with 30-33 minutes and get a nice 88k with each race. It's A to B, so no competition, only limit is 1h time limit in which time you have to complete it.
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