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    Community Request List [For Developers]

    This was created by me in the beta and I will also create another one for the main game. I request a sticky by a moderator and notification to the Developers to see this list.

    If you see a lot of suggestions, which are not in the list, and which were suggested in the posts below and want me, the community, or the devs see them, post a reply containing the list of these suggestions. It is better to have them all in one place rather than scattered around the topic after all.


    This game was supposed to be created by the community and so countless topics and posts have been made since day one. I've made a summary here of those really needed and essential features we want to see in game.

    This will save a lot of trouble of players (no need to post in 145687 topics for the same thing) while it will also help the developers see it more easily and keep the forum clean without any double posts. I can understand that the developers can be confused by so many posts about so many features, so by making it clear I hope to get those in the game to improve the game-play and overall fun.

    Now everyone (including the developers) can add/comment all the requested features in one topic which provides a great and functional feedback. So let's make it hot people!

    Please note that the order of the features might not match the priority.

    The most important ones, in addition to the easy-to-make ones that should have been in game already (but for some unexplained reasons still aren't), are marked with in colour.

    If you think I forgot something that should be here, go ahead and tell me. And I beg you, do not make harsh or insulting posts towards the developers or the community. Also, don't argue here. Let's keep this topic nice and clean.



    The list gets updated often, so make sure to check it regularly. The suggestions are arranged in various specific categories. PLEASE WHEN suggesting or reporting bugs, make sure to do it in an orderly and well-constructed manner. Use brief sentence with a small explanation. If you are going to address many points please use bullets points or any of the sort. You may use videos or pictures to support your points. Let’s keep this up!!

    [XX,XX] : percent of top answers from surveys
    Red : Highly asked / important
    Yellow : Moderate priority
    [NEW] : Well ... new feature

    *Gameplay *:

    [56,99] Manual Selection of Cars in Missions - Spec is usually chosen by the mission, however it forces you to use the best car (in level) for that spec, we should have an option to select our own cars but of-course it will be in the spec required.
    [54,15] Player Session Limit Increase (More Than 8) - This is an MMO, either create dedicated servers or increase this limit.
    [49,74] Police Cops are Heavy, Hard & Fast - E.g. Cops in-front stop you from 180 MPH to 0 in a matter of seconds.
    [46,63] AI Racers Catch Up Quickly (Rubberband AI) - AI Racers are highly unrealistic, having crashed at the beginning and still retaining their position of 2nd, 3rd, etc.
    [40,67] Permanent Clan/Guild System (Alternative to 4-Man Party) - Currently, we have a 4-Man Party System. This isn't really crews, we need more than just 4.
    [21,50] Sequential and H-Shifter work at the same time
    [NEW] Semi-automatic: Option to have Semi-automatic transmission on all cars to be able to downshift and upshift while being automatic.
    [NEW] Fuel system
    [NEW] Add control for turn on/off lights / signals
    [NEW] Add control for open/close windows
    [NEW] Optimized PvP & Faction rank system - about random reward but also rank, list of faction's player, ...
    [NEW] Add automatic gearbox's options - (comfort/sport/...)
    [NEW] Add per car control for gearbox - clutch, H or sequential, ...
    [NEW] Add toggles for map's rotation
    [NEW] Automatic disable kmh hud when in cockpit view
    [NEW] Real In car GPS with cockpit view - So Automatic disable map hud when cockpit view if real
    [NEW] Corrected 50mph limit when driving through destructible object with Raid and Dirt
    [NEW] Ability to mark players (l.o.l. like ?)
    [NEW] Better Speed immersion. Feels kinda slow when going 220+ MPH
    [NEW] create an option to compare cars in HQ; to determine and know the performance differences.
    [NEW] Reduce wheelspin when using NOS to some cars.
    [NEW] Allow gamepad users to bind reverse gear.
    [NEW] Be able to block and auto refuse spammers.
    [NEW] sell unwanted parts and cars.
    [NEW] Improve/fix leaderboard.
    [NEW] Air stuns tricks with rewards.- able to do aero tricks such as blackflips, rolls and etc.
    [NEW] Add The FFB settings from the EXTRACONFIG in Settings menu + Degree selector

    *Cars customization* :

    [55,44] Body Kit Customization for Raid and Circuit - Add more customization for everything ... but especially for them
    [46,11] Logo/Icons for Crews
    [45,85] Change Color of Stickers
    [44,83] More Fender Customization
    [40,67] Movable Vinyls/Stickers
    [39,90] Remove "forced" spoilers on Street and Perf Spec
    [38,34] Custom Body-kit Paint - Different Paint for Bumper, Rear, Rims
    [37,56] Stickers with Layers / and expandable.
    [30,57] Neon Lighting
    [30,05] Window Tint
    [NEW] Remove "forced" Carbon fiber
    [NEW] Change size of rims.
    [NEW] Be able to modify the parts directly from the smartphone - not only to have auto equip option but be able to select certain parts from within smartphone part tuning.

    *Crew/Team/Clan/ Guild* :

    [NEW] Give Crew master special crew access - Like allow the crew master to broadcast announcement and for it to appear in their scree and things like that.
    [NEW] Add zone / server chat (PC version); what I mean by zone chat is to be able to chat with all the players in your surrounding area, and not just the 8 people in your session.
    [NEW] Add a Crew/Guild/Clan finder - where people could advertise their crew for other people to join to do specific missions, activities etc

    *View / Visual disorder *:

    [54,31] Photo-Mode- Stunning Open-World and no photography? That's torture!
    [47,67] Interior Camera Mirrors - Interior Side Mirrors are Gray.
    [43,10] Seat Adjustment for Cockpit Users
    [43,10] 360 Degree Free Camera
    [39,66] Ability to hide UI/HUD with one key
    [28,05] Free Roam Camera-Mode - (same as photo-mode)
    [27,59] HUD for RPM & Gear - middle of screen, like real heads up display
    [21,76] MPH HUD for Circuit and Raid - or add per car option mph/kmh
    [NEW] Movable HUD
    [NEW] Fov Settings
    [NEW] Corrected Race line Spec - The line hide oncoming vehicle, reduce opacity to the line or engrave the line right on the ground.
    [NEW] Remove wheel's random move when using cockpit view
    [NEW] Add toggles for fixed camera
    [NEW] Add toggles for cars's visual auto repair
    [NEW] Corrected bumper cam
    [NEW] Be able to remove stock stickers when purchasing cars.
    [NEW] brighten the headlights at dusk/dark/dawn/foggy environments.
    [NEW] Chat bubbles over friends and Club mates

    *Map / Race System*:

    [NEW] Dynamic random events
    [51,72] Player-created Races and Challenges
    [48,28] Waypoint Race System - Select your own route and races can take place between crew members. (tdu like races between players in freeride)
    [42,23] Manual Waypoint Set-up - Manually choose where to drive and end up to the given location at end-point.
    [37,07] Car Comparison in PVP lobby - Sure, their overall car level is better, but what's their top speed?
    [NEW] Save favorite places on the map
    [NEW] DLC with new country (CANADA, MEXICO, EU, ...) - Quite big ...
    [NEW] GPS Line for each player in crew - different color, choose if share your destination or not
    [NEW] Better map filtering
    [NEW] Dangerous Races : 'If I win, i take your car' [c.f. explanation]
    [NEW] Ability to bookmark specific locations found while cruising.
    [NEW] PINK SLIP races - Come on, Who has guts. bet your car or a car with a race with ramdom people in free roam or even your friends.
    [NEW] -Propose Nascar races / Dragster / IndyCar - especially that happens in allotted time or fixed term or for life to see, not necessarily all at the same time.


    [46,55] Allow players to queue for more than one PvP Lobby - It's annoying to wait for PvP'ers, let's wait for more of them at the same time!
    [NEW] Add demolition derby races
    [NEW] Need Faster and accurate PvP matching
    [NEW] nerf player vs player drafting a bit; Make it less responsive at longer distance. And lower the incremental top speed gained from drafting with regards to the cars potential.
    [NEW] Add time lap record at the end result; self-explanatory.
    [NEW] Increase the engine sound of MY car in every view cam. and not having other players overpowering the sound of your car.
    [NEW] Create penalty for wallrider; players are being too freaking dependent of walls and rail, most use the impact of the wall to turn corner very quickly.
    [NEW] Add the option to disable NOS on races/PVP; just as you can take traffic off, make it that you can disable Nos.
    [NEW] Quick match.
    [NEW] Make hardcore and manual transmission worth it to master for competitive racing.
    [NEW] Be able to kick players in lobby by vote of majority
    [NEW] See the loading progress of all the player - Be able to see the the loading progress for other players to see who is taking very long. reference.
    [NEW] Abort the PVP lobby from within loading process.
    [NEW] Ability to modify the parts in the session before a PVP race / Mission Faction / Challenges etc ... Genre adapt the car to suit the terrain and the environment.

    *Content* (!= car customization) :

    [58,29] Dynamic Weather System - Quite self-explanatory, depending on where you are, different weather cycles such as rain, fog, cloudy, sunny.
    [55,17] Add more Muscle and JDM cars available - More variety of cars to keep the game content fresh!
    [50,78] Spec Classes are Not Available for Cars as Advertised on Site - As previously advertised from screenshots most Specs are available.
    [50,00] More End-Game Missions and Skill Challenges
    [46,55] Increase Level (50+) - It's been an ease leveling up to 50, increase it! or increase lvl up difficulty
    [45,69] Increase number of PvP and Faction Missions
    [43,10] Sell unwanted Car Parts and Vehicles - (grouped with car auction) Screwed up in testing a Car? Bought the wrong parts? Sell them!
    [41,19] Personal In-Game Profile Avatar- Replaces the ugly, Uplay standard avatar. This is a street-racing game, not kindergarten
    [39,66] Car Auction System - Similar to selling and trading, maybe more people wish to buy your car and parts at a higher price.
    [22,41] Comedy & News in Radio Stations
    [NEW] More achievements / challenges
    [NEW] Favorite car
    [NEW] HotKeys for crew coordination - 'go right', 'slow down', 'let me pass', ...
    [NEW] See stats on website a more information about the companion app
    [NEW] Add awesome trucks
    [NEW] Balance car - Make the balance but do not also take away the true performance of some high end cars.
    [NEW] End-game engagements events and content.
    [NEW] add seasonal events; that are related to the real life time seasons.
    [NEW] Drift Mission and races
    [NEW] Demolition derby
    [NEW] Add more legendary rally and other roads.
    [NEW] add world PVP lobbies.
    [NEW] ADD more ramps to jump.
    [NEW] Maybe passenger companions.
    [NEW] Billboards display relevant real life ads, could be a revenue for you guys.


    [NEW] *improve the ENGINE SOUND of every car for more info(http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ar-Ivory-Tower)
    [52,59] Add Music & Tunes to in-game custom radio - Who doesn't love to sing their own tunes during road trips?


    [NEW] iR Tracker support
    [NEW] Support custom resolution for wide screen monitors.
    {NEW] (PC only) Add a config option for LOD - right now LOD is real bad on PC and it doesn't have to be, allow users with beefier rigs to set LOD further than it is now. I can literally see shadows forming around me

    *Bugs* : (Everything is Top Priority)

    [62,37] Game Crashes and Flickering - (+ flickering with multiple monitor)
    [60,43] The Crew Services are Unavailable
    [52,63] Odometer Fix - (Mileage resets)
    [50,81] Co-Op Lag Experienced by Invited Person
    [46,88] Unable to Create/Join Crews
    [45,95] Game Freezes
    [40,54] Game Statistics Reset
    [37,74] Traffic/AI are Stationary - (Stuck)
    [33,51] Low Engine/Mic Sound after Every Startup - I.E: Sub Par Engine Audio
    [18,33] Pre-Ordered/Season Pass Cars Disappearance
    [NEW] Corrected steering help with some controller - Need info. from devs. counter steering always on, even in hardcore
    [NEW] Corrected resolutions problems
    [NEW] Screen flickering while cockpit mode.
    [IMPORTANT] Logitech profiler stops working after atl+f2 ; happens every time. A quick fix it's tabbing out and then in. But it's quite annoying most times.
    [NEW] Uplay + steam overlay open = crash

    *Other / Open for debate*:

    [45,69] 'Repair All' button to Repair All Cars- All my cars are damaged, save time to repair all of them
    [28,45] Filter Leaderboards by Spec
    [28,45] Announcements in our own crews - calendar with announcements for faction & crew
    [24,14] Offline Support (Highly unlikely to be implemented) - Servers are locally down? No Internet Connection? Can't Play The Crew then!
    [22,02] Restart Game Progress - The ability to reset your progress in the game.
    [NEW] Fast Travel - needs cool down or to be charged by bucks.
    [NEW] PVP lobbies separated by SPECS
    [NEW] Make parts represented as cards; with its full stats.
    [NEW] Character creation
    [NEW] Implement a "Ready" system along with a considerate timing - this could be apply to PVP or factions races between coop and such. this is to accelerate and confirm the status conditions of all the racers.



    Originally Posted by Natchai_Ubisoft Go to original post
    just so you all know, the devs and producers know about this thread and would like to give a detailed response to a lot of this. It'll take them some time though, but hopefully next week we'll get an influx of devinfo

    Already Implemented :

    To Be Implemented :

    Originally Posted by From news official website on 12/20/2014
    Game Experience Enhancement
     AI in Chase Missions
    We are balancing the AI behavior of the cops and enemies vehicles in chase missions.
     Rubber Banding & Collisions
    Collision management and rubber banding will be tuned in order to offer smoother driving.
     PvP Queue Time
    We want to simplify lobby management to reduce the time it takes to find other players for PvP matches. We are exploring several options that should improve this aspect.

    New Content
     Car Specs, Colors and Stickers
    New specs for existing vehicles will be added in January and the complete list will be unveiled soon. Additional colors as well as new stickers will also be added to the game.
     New PvP Mode
    A new PvP mode and its set of new missions will be introduced early 2015. More information will be shared soon.

    info: http://thecrew-game.ubi.com/portal/e...3A148-76770-32

    Never to be Implemented :


    New survey here : http://goo.gl/forms/YiXH2HRWfr
    Answers (only in GSheet, i didn't keep last answers this time) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

    UPADTED in 12/25/2014.
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    danodude_'s Avatar Member
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    Apr 2014
    Nice post, good job

    I think there should be a sticker option with layers. That would be awesome
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    Here's a couple that stick out for me:

    Rubber-banding AI. In every race against the computer the other cars will always be right on my *** despite all shortcuts, corner cutting, or our respective car levels.. A level 80 should not be able to catch up to my 300+. You can see them on the radar magically rushing ahead in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. This doesn't make racing fun, it makes it frustrating.

    Our in-game profile picture needs to be linked to our forum pic or anything other than the blurry shots of our Uplay 3D avatar. First, they 're ugly. More importantly they are terrible at identifying players when they all kind of blur together as the same indistinct cutesy avatar.
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    No session player cap limit increase? Add it. That and being able to set multiple waypoints are my biggest desires.

    Custom in-game avatars instead of the ugly Uplay ones would be nice as well.
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    cool thread, would be cool if you could keep it updated
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    Dynamic weather is hardly "to be implemented", they didn't promise anything.
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    I think the ability to remove spoilers on street and perf spec would be a big improvement on the huge mandatory carbon wings.

    EDIT: This one is more important than the spoilers. Pagani Huayra is really bugged, performance spec does burnout for first 5* gears and tops out at 335km compared to my lower top speed V8 Vantage that hits 367. Horrible performance for the money.
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    Nice work putting this together

    @Mods; make it a sticky?
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    Button mapping would be nice, as of now i can't use the flapper paddles on my wheel for manual trans (on the xbox 360). Also the game does'nt seem to recognize my H-shifter unless I'm missing something.
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    Originally Posted by Natchai_Ubisoft Go to original post
    cool thread, would be cool if you could keep it updated
    Will do.

    Originally Posted by Meridius_HUN Go to original post
    Dynamic weather is hardly "to be implemented", they didn't promise anything.
    I thought they said something about it, anyway removed it.
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