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    Unfinished racing games are the new norm

    So thinking back on many of the big name racing games over the past couple of years, I have noticed a trend.

    Production company says the game will have this, this, this, and that.
    Game is released, and it comes with this, and this.
    DLC is released that allows you to buy the last "this", and the "that" which was promised to you before the game was released.

    So here is how I see this game going.

    You saw all the previews, were excited about all the cars, all the different specs, and what was said could be done, and wondering what will be in the game that wasn't mentioned.
    The game is released with half the cars/specs that was promised, limited selection on cosmetic modifications.
    The rest of the cars/specs will later be released as DLC that you have to purchase, more cosmetic modifications will be released later that you have to purchase, and the things that were never mentioned will be released later as DLC you have to purchase.

    At the moment I'm really enjoying the game. I have my car done up the way I want, and haven't really felt the need to buy another car. How ever if my guess ends up being correct, what we are playing now is kind of a teaser trailer. "If you like the crew now, just wait till DLC is announced!"
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    Dont worry bro, you are not alone. I feel about it the same. And its very sad.
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    I feel the same. the game is still fun, but i was expecting way more cars and modifications
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    I beat the game last night and felt little satisfaction doing so, and now I don't even feel like playing anymore until there's more content. I would have been happy with a few more japanese cars but it won't happen any time soon it seems, since they already have DLC planned up until April. I'll just wait until May to see what they have to offer.
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    I agree but sadly it's not just car games it's every game. I've always said that dlc is a gift and a curse because, it gives the developers the option to be lazy, and decide what should be released later on for profit. I understand you want your game to have a long shelf life and great re-play ability but that doesn't mean you have to screw the consumer over. I say companies shouldn't promise what isn't in the game upon release. If you're gonna advertise something and say the game comes out on xx/xx/xxxx then you should be expected to have all those things.
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    When u run live servers 24/7 the inital sales for the game wont cover the lnog term 2-3+ years of running the gsme plus making a profit so u can continue to develop more content and othet games. Dlc is a way of providing more r3venue so are micro ttansactions which are and will be a part of gaming life till the world ends. I say on 6 months to a year if there arent 40+ cars in the game and more custimization u can call the game a fail. 1 week out is way to quick to do so.
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