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    Character Customization & Detection system bugs

    After the completing ACU and trying to customize by character I realized that when I select a different color our any other piece of clothing it makes the animation showing its changing but my character still wears the same piece of clothing before I changed him.

    The second bug is when I am just detected by one enemy others that haven't even seen me or can hear the enemy that originally detected me but yet I am still detected by other enemies, this practically breaks it as it can just F**k up the stealth system completely.

    The version of ACU i'm playing on is 1.3.0 on PC.

    Please fix it Ubisoft.

    Ubisoft really need to hire game testers that aren't drunk/high because this is what happens.
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    Have the clothing issue as well, can't change out of Arno's master gear period no color change not even putting on new gear fixes it. I am on ps4.
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    Originally Posted by Asperkai Go to original post
    So its the latest patch then
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