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    Nice summary and analysis, Dan. Made me laugh, especially the Jets jab.
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    Originally Posted by DanAmrich Go to original post
    I'm not one for the sportsball (I root for the Knicks, so that should tell you something right there), but when I saw Buffalo comments pop up on Facebook, I investigated, because I didn't know about it.

    In March, the longtime owner of the Buffalo Bills, Ralph Wilson, passed away, and in his will, he specified that the team not be handed down to his family, but instead should be sold. This led to a few interested parties formally showing interest, one of which was a Toronto investor group, of which Jon Bon Jovi was the most public member.

    Naturally, Bills fans publicly banned Bon Jovi music in an act of protest, fearful that his group might invest and move the team to Canada. (The terms of the sale would mean such a move could not happen until 2022 at the earliest.) Number of people upset enough to sign petitions, create t-shirts, and enforce public bans: Tens of thousands.

    Number of people upset that the deceased owner said "Sell it, even if that means the team might move -- I'm dead so whatever happens, happens": Zero.

    In early September, new owners were named, and the team will stay in Buffalo. (Which is a shame for New York, because having three teams further distracts the state from the comedy extravaganza that is the Jets.) Meanwhile, the day the deal was announced, Bon Jovi personally and graciously issued a statement of congratulations to the new owners.

    Three months later, this is somehow relevant to what we're doing here and now.

    If there is a boycott of Bon Jovi Rocksmith DLC in Buffalo, that would make them, officially, the most sore winners ever.
    Thanks for making my day, Dan. Here's hoping that the final DLC puzzle of 2014 which should be this week is very interesting and hard.
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