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    3 images, but the second one is the first one rotated 90 degrees. Weird
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    It looks to be a type of shorthand?
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    The second image is actually the first image rotated 90 degrees.
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    Originally Posted by forest1903 Go to original post
    Here is one thing I know: It is actually 3 separate images:



    Maybe it's 3 thin red lines?
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    It's three images, my guess is they have to be combined/superimposed on each other to form a composite picture, but I don't have the software or know-how to do it. Anyone?

    And I suppose it may require rotation/flipping of the other images.
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    There are parts of each that match - the cross and the two parallel lines. What happens if they are overlaid?
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    Originally Posted by forest1903 Go to original post
    What did I just say?
    I am sorry daddy. PLEASE DON'T BE ME WITH THE BELT AGAIN! I will follow your rules.
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    yz0Nm31 and TbvCCaV are exactly the same except rotated 90 degrees.
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    Dan just posted this additional image to twitter:

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    This was the other picture posted on Twitter.
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