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    my ps4 fix for error crash ect after PATCH 3

    My fix for crash error message ect after patch 3 was I had to delete all my saved files of ac unity (start a new game) I havent been able to play co-op mode since release so patch 3 CAme out and game wouldn't even run so I called every help line and nothing so. I started a new file or deleted all ac unity files and started fresh (I was getting error 0x60000001 befor patch ,after the game started crashing) I did all the router settings , dmz, port forwarding, un installed game ect I mean everything please try it worked for me so let me know I did try to open nat though after but still was good NOTE DELETE ALL AC UNITY FILES START NEW DOWNLOADED ALL PATCH s also looking for big ac fans to play with jake1991DE I want to have the brotherhood exspearence I do have a crew too. HOPE THIS HELPS
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    If it works please post also I had to open nat but might just be me thanks it works so let everyone know if it worked for you
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    Remember. Is is a corrupt game file once you get it working do not change nothing on your internet witch will result in a nither corrupt file iv done this so watch it because I got greedy with my router settings and started over again but did again and it worked again back to coop my crew back to normal
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