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    Xbox 360/Xbox One Title Update 2 - November 26th, 2014

    Today we deployed a small patch for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One that address the following issues:

    Xbox 360/Xbox One
    • Fixed some random crashes on all game modes.
    • Fixed host migration edge random & case issues
    • Fixed custom match stability issues
    • Fixed join-in-progress edge case issues
    • Fixed progression page issues in Story missions
    • Fixed functionality issues in the shop menu
    • Fixed several localization issues (cut-off text, subtitles)
    • Fixed various low repro walkthrough breaks
    • Fixed host migration random issues specific to coop
    • Fixed minor gameplay functionality issues
    • Fixed aiming issues with the machine gun weapon
    • Fixed minor and low repro QTE issue with specific animals
    • Fixed Map Browser issues
    • Fixed occlusion and navmesh issues
    • Fixed some missing audio in radio calls

    Title Update 2 is to address issues with Xbox 360 and Xbox One only. The Playstation 3/Playstation 4 and PC platform will have different version numbers accordingly.

    Please be sure to download this patch for an optimal Far Cry 4 experience. If you encounter any problems with downloading this update, please contact Customer Support.

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    Ubisoft need to start caring about the people that made their company what it is today, there are still issues with the game like locations not registering and the fire arrows not working and this is after your so called fixes. If Far cry 4, all the Assassins Creed series issues and other Ubisoft product is not fixed of all issues I personally will be opening a Ubisoft boycott site called, The Gaming company Ubisoft don't care about the gamer who made them so big, and will proceed to highlight all the games that your company have not fixed to stop people completing them 100%.

    So get it ***** sorted it people like me have the power to make ubisoft crumble and die. You should take a leaf out of Rockstars books and compensate the gamer for buying your unfinished games as people are sick of getting ripped of by game Developers.
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    Xbox Fixes

    So, um... I try to host a co-op game, and the game crashes and black screens near story areas. My friend tries and his Xbox literally crashes trying to accept a side mission. This has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN THE SEVEN YEARS HE'S HAD HIS XBOX 360. Come on Ubisoft, there are so many bugs with multiplayer, and the only reason I wanted to buy your game was for the co-op. I'm underwhelmed completely. Fix these bugs soon please.
    Let's just add in, I haven't played yet mind you, Assassin's Creed Unity. I've been told this is also buggy. Maybe fix these bugs if they exist, too?
    Stop creating sequels, and create another game to be known by instead of milking a franchise. PLEASE. It's just its own trend, sequels.
    You know how to set trends? Try something new. Why not make a new game, not related to your other games, and create a new franchise which has a chance of being groundbreaking?
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    Unable to continue: stuck in endless loop. Please help!!!

    I'm about 65% complete and failed at an armored escort. The game keeps reloading at the point where I have failed and falls into a continuous loop. It does not give me the opportunity to abandon the mission. Even when doing a full re-install, the game doesn't bring me to a safe place.

    Please, someone from Ubisoft, tell me there is another patch coming to fix this. I was having a blast playing the game until this issue. Is there an approximate time that the patch will be made available.

    Trying to be patient.....waiting...,
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    Patch does noting.

    First off this company is crap. The new patch fixes "issues with the shop" you mean the issue where I paid you guys for the season pass and you won't allow me to download the content? That "issue" I still don't have yeti or overrun so do a lot of people, now they're offing the season pass for a discount. DONT BUY IT! You won't get anything you pay for. This new patch did absolutely nothing.
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