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    Assassin's Creed Unity: How to Level up Fast! "CREED POINTS FARMING" - Legend Rank E

    How to get more Creed Points on Assassin's Creed Unity

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    I think the above method sucks a bit.

    To farm creed points i always do Dantons Sacrifice solo runs (first i did alot of Moving Mirabeau runs (4000+ points per run) but in Dantons Sacrifce there are more enemies and you are fighting almost all the time without major breaks).

    Firstly i focus on headshots with the phantom blade and pistol. Look for all opportunities to do air assassinations (avoid normal stealth kills), disable bells etc.

    And while fighting normally, always kill the guards with combat finisher. As a weapon i prefer the one handed sword because its fastest and easy to do combat finishers almost always (With spear for example you often do ground executions).

    I have one equipment piece (legendary prowler hood) with +10% creed points and have a + 20% creed point bonus (1.3x in total) from my club.
    You can get around 10.000 points per run.
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    It does suck but it is probably the best way to level up fast, I tried a few runs at Dantons Sacrifice, but also can get boring pretty quick, and it is a hit and miss. If you kill everything that moves, you get around 2500, you have to do air assassinations to get the higher points which is the harder part.

    I also did Ancient History and killed everybody, I didn't worry about the bonus money, just went in and killed everything that moved, sometimes I would get about 6500 and others about 2500. If you do a clean run, you only get 2500. Not quick enough to level up at any decent speed.

    I was able to go from level 29-31 in about 3 days by doing Dantons Sacrifice, Ancient History and some random missions. But the quickest way was to do what the video suggested. Use a heavy weapon and keep hitting him, for every 3 hits you get 132 x 1.3 points which I believe equals about 171 points.
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    You are generally better off using stealth where you can. Air and Ledge assassinations are high reward. Corner and blend assassinations are minimal value, but every bit helps. Hidden Blade kills and headshots give good points. Berserker kills are valuable and Poison is also valuable -- poisoning 4+ people with a bomb gives a group poison bonus and poison deaths are a good return.

    Here's an excellent trick fire a berserk dart at an enemy where there are lots others around (officers are best). When he starts fighting, he will attract others from quite a distance away. Once you have big group, hit them with a poison bomb (use a second to finish the killing if necessary). There are places where you can collect 2-3 thousand points in just a few seconds that way.

    If you are forced to fight, make certain to get finishing kills where possible, but that really is a poorer value.
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