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    How can I increase the diamond

    here's the picture
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    thats based on your weapons and armor level 1 means you have the weakest stuff and youll die in a heartbeat if your not careful me im level 5 but thats cuz ive spent more than 2000000 thousand in game money on armor and weapons
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    I was stuck at 2 diamonds, then upgraded my sword and I was at three diamonds. Changed my jacket and I was at four! I went from two diamonds to four in a couple minutes. It helps if you do enough missions to unlock gear (I did a bunch of coop), and then have enough creed points to upgrade.
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    I would guess you are still early in the game and need to buy some equipment.
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    Yes it goes by your gear and weapons, not only what you own but what you have equipped, I just recently discovered that I was stuck on 3 diamonds and couldn't figure out why, it was because I forgot to equip my higher level pistol.
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