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    The App, The Content Restrictions, and one seriously pissed fan.

    Firstly, there are just so many things wrong with the implementation of the companion app, to begin with.

    In every single AC game since brotherhood, this system was included INSIDE the game, and was presented as a mini-game. For AC4BF, they tested unfamiliar waters (to the AC franchise), and made it so you HAD to be connected to the servers, to play your single-player mini-game. Now, for ACU, they used the same formula for the mini-game, they just took it out of the main title itself, and subsequently forced us to go OUTSIDE of our game, in order to unlock content within it. (I believe the fans have already spoken - quite loudly - about how much they hate it when you lock us out of in-game content via out-of-game programs ... though I've long since stopped expecting that you'll actually listen to any of us)

    I wouldn't be so irate about this, save for a couple of issues.

    A) The general failure that is the Companion App. It's riddled with so many game-breaking bugs I would think it was developed on an Amiga ... by a stoned gerbil. Even a PASSIVE concern for the quality of your products would've been nice here. There is simply no way whatsoever that you were not aware of these issues at launch, Ubisoft. But, you had to meet deadlines, so you actively chose to ship out a knowingly broken product, falling back on the whole "meh, we'll fix it later" horse piss. At the rate you're going, no one will care anymore by the time you get around to fixing it. There are already users dropping off by the hundreds, losing interest in this game due to the general brokenness ... and the fact that they can finish all plot missions in less than 5 hours. You need to get a fire lit under that *** of yours, and fix your software, before people just write it off, and this game is forever remembered as the complete waste of time that it is right now.

    B) The fact that you are now locked out of 100% synchronization, unless you play the app (to open up the final few artifacts in La Bievre) ... which you simply can't.

    C) Those of us who don't have androids or iPhones are forced to either go without any of the content provided by the app, or download programs such as BlueStacks ... which can be considered going a long way out of our way, for an app that simply doesn't work.

    Look, you tried it, twice now. Yes the app is all fancy and it's all neat and clever how you can link it to the game, but you need to keep it at that. Have it be a COMPANION, as it's labeled, not a mandatory piece of software that is required if you want 100% completion. Again, you tried it, the fans (or the majority that i've seen) absolute hate it ... but who am I kidding, you're going to keep doing it anyway ... because **** what we think.

    Final gripe: STOP LOCKING US OUT OF CONTENT! ... Be it through Initiates, or the App, or any one of your ridiculously transparent in-game transaction options ($100 transaction option in a $60 game? ... you greedy bastards haven't gotten enough of our money?). We paid full price for the game ... We did not pay $45 for the game, $10 for the app, and $5 for AC Initiates ... we paid one single price, for one single game .... so can we please have UNRESTRICTED access to that single game's content?
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    I agree. I don't like the companion app or the initiates website, largely because they don't work right for me.
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    You mean since AC:2. Even AC:2 had its restrictions like Verizon's exclusive colors and always online DRM.

    Anyway, I agree.
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    You speak the truth brother, rise up against the evil.
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    The app is pointless in my opinion. Not going to bother with it.
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    What for? If evil is paid buy us we don't really have to rise against it. We can just say "Stop it or we will stop playing". It's not like UbiSoft do anything because they are kind. They take money for it. I think and other comany can take them in place of Ubi.

    And seriouse. I've already wrote one post about deleting connection between both bugged AC:I and same Companion with AC games. AC:I is useless. I understand that it was made to grant long-time fans of serie, but we are long-time fans. And I can't get any reward 'cause of bugs. Companion is like you said. Much better when part of game.
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    200% agree with Tanyn. I will never install or use the comp app to get ingame content oder 100% sync, thats completely the wrong way games are going to, especially "singleplayer-games"!
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    Tanyn's post is firing a hammer down from orbit and still managing to hit the nail perfectly. The way the AC4 app worked was pretty spot-on - it gave you a funky and totally optional way of doing stuff that is perfectly possible to do in-game, along with the possibility of having stuff (like a map) displayed on a second screen as you're playing the game on your primary screen. What it utterly and completely failed to do is lock you out of content if you didn't use it. Why the hell Ubisoft thought that the Unity app would be an improvement is totally mystifying to me, especially as all they need to do to fix the primary problem with it (though there are others) is to put all the 'Nomad Brotherhood' stuff from the app into the actual game itself, accessed via, say, an NPC or map in the Cafes, in much the same way you could access the Brotherhood missions via the maps in the Assassin Dens in AC:Revelations, or access the fleet missions via the captains cabin on the Jackdaw in AC4.
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    Exactly my opinion.

    I feel like the implementation of this companion app is also one reason why they don't let you have multiple saves, because it'd mess up the synchronization with the app.
    I just had to start a new game (by deleting the save files from the save folder) after a game breaking bug, and now the nomad chests are obviously locked again. The progress on the companion app wasn't reset though, so I thought "Hmm, maybe I can just open the chests right away now, I already unlocked them in the companion app." BUT NO, they're locked, and the companion app doesn't let you just redo the mission to unlock the chests again. I'd probably have to reinstall the app and do all the stuff all over again. Of course, I'd have to do the same if it was implemented in the game, but it's still annoying, especially after you put so much time into it.
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    Originally Posted by MajorSalty Go to original post
    ... because it'd mess up the synchronization with the app...
    So far as I can see, there's no hope for getting the app to synchronize with the game properly. Hell, at the point I'm at with it now, every *single* loading screen is a total tossup as to whether the app will completely crash or not.
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