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    Aza's videos & the Ascension of Legends tournament

    Hey guys,

    As many of you know, I've been trying to bring you some of the best match-ups from the ascension of Legends tournament and it's been great so far.
    But to make things even more interesting (and after being told I could cast any game I wanted) I would like to get your input into what games you want to see on my channel.

    So go over to the master sheet here => CLICK and tell me in this thread what games you want me to cast!

    I'll be more than happy to give those a look :3

    Thanks and enjoy!
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    I'm ambivalent with your videos. I appreciate the enthusiasm and replays, but you're quite terrible as an analyst commentator. You're more or less an official representative of competitive DoC and your lack of knowledge of the game is laughable for someone of that position. (Just a quick question, are you OFFICIALLY associated with ubi?)

    However, as a play by play commentator, you're decent, if not good. If you look at other esports type commentator teams, they have one guy as a play by play that does most of the talking, then have a true analyst that doesn't necessarily say much but gives in-depth insight. Take a look at how Korea does it's caster deck. It's a 3 man team, one hype, hyper energy guy who gets the crowd going, one guy who can speak 1k words a minute doing the play by play, then when the action slows down a bit, there's a methodical analyst guy breaking down the game.

    I think your videos will be much better if you get a 2nd guy to cast with you. I'll volunteer if you can't get someone else.
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