Hello all,

After Thursday's maintenance, w identified the issue that was affecting Legacy Data (your previously played games' stats) from syncing with your account. While the maintenance was crucial in implementing fixes for this issue, we had to apply an additional fix on Thursday to address this further. We will break down exactly what this means for you below.

Why do I still not see my Legacy Data?

The Initiates Legacy Data patch has been applied and has resolved an issue with Legacy data, but it may take up to a few days for Legacy data to fully populate to some players' accounts. Be sure when you start up Unity you connect to the Initiates service. This should start the process of syncing your account, but please note that your data will not be applied immediately. It may take some time to show up, and you may only see partial data in that time.

How do I get my Assassin's Creed Unity data to show up on my Initiates profile?

Your AC Unity data should show up after you connect to your initiates profile in-game. You may have to accept the prompt to link your Initiates account again when you attempt to access this from the in-game menu. Your Legacy Data may take some time to show up.

Why does my level only show Level 1?

You may experience that your Initiates level is only level 1. Please follow the instructions above to ensure your Uplay account is connected to your Initiates to populate your game data from Unity. As mentioned earlier, it may not populate your previous games' data until the fix tonight.

Why does my level only show Level 3?

You may experience that your Initiates level is only showing level 3 from your AC Unity data. You can increase this through the Initiates Accomplishments.

I don't have AC Unity. What do I do?

If you do not have Unity, still proceed to http://acinitiates.com/ and be sure to login. But please note, it may take some time for your data to show up.

Why do I see some of my legacy data but not all?

All of the data related to your progress and completion of previous games' stories is retrieved from Uplay. If Uplay is working, but the stats gateway is not, you may only get experience points for story completion. We resolved an issue with the stats gateway, but it may take some time to populate your stats.

What about the Initiates accomplishments?

Accomplishments are live and as such, players can earn experience points from these by playing Unity.

What is Assassin Style?

Assassin Style should now be working. Based on statistics we accumulate from ACU and from the daily drills (coming soon) you complete in ACU, you will be given an Assassin Style. You will be able to tailor your Assassin Style by completing specific Accomplishments or Daily Drills when they are available.