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    Templar pack DLC question

    Hey there,

    I bought assassin's creed rogue with the templar pack dlc for PS3.

    My question is, where the hell do I find the ghost templar outfit and the templar wheel and sails? I'm about 30-40% into the story and I managed to unlock the sword & dagger, but when I go to my outfits and morrigan customization, there is no ghost templar outfit or the sails / wheel.. Do I have to progress further into the story or something for them to appear? I don't even see them greyed out in a list..

    Thank you
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    Fast travel to the North Atlantic once you are there open up the map and there will be DS symbol on the map sail in that direction to travel to fort De Sable, once you arrive you will have to open a bunch of chests to unlock the weapons, outfit and ship custom options. But a warning some people have had trouble unlocking content or finding it at all.
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    Ah so you have to do the bonus fort mission to get them.

    Thank you, I'll see how it works out
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