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    Right now? What is stopping you?
    Black bars stopping me. I feel not comfortable.
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    @ up me too
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    Same problem

    Hello guys !
    I have the same problem.
    I bought the game the first day it has been gold.
    I tried playing in 16:10 and the result was horrible : 16:10 but compress in 16:9 with huge black bars at the top and at the bottom.
    So, when I ask 16:10, I can't play because the screen is little, seems having not good scale.

    And when I ask 16:9, I lose the black bars but the screens are horrible : all is blurred, hazy.

    So, I think the good way will be only losing black bars and the 16:10 mixed in 16:9 really established at the good scale.

    I haven't played Far Cry 4 since SIX MONTHS because I thought Ubi Soft would do something during time and with the HUGE surprise, I try playing this afternoon, and what I discover, I can't play my game ! Nothing was done.

    Well, I have found my way with the forum on Steam :

    You must run where you are in-game the programm FC4_BlackBars_fix.EXE

    So, with black bars, it is difficult entering in the game.
    So, without black bars, I play Far Cry 4 with huge effects like Far Cry 3. It seems really fun.

    Bye !

    PS : Evil Within was also with black bars and when they minimize them, it becomes terrific and impressive game.
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    The black bars suck but you really can't say that they are "huge". At 1920x1200 (versus 1920x1080) they are 120 pixels total, 60 top and 60 bottom. Not a big deal really.
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    Bought game today...ridiculous

    Dang. Do you really have to look up if the game runs on such monitor versions nowadays before buynig a game? I cannot believe that this game got no support for 5:4 and 16:10. dafuqqqq ?!?!?!?!??? Will this ever be adressed? If I had known this, I never would have bought this game -.-
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    Ubisoft lost another purchase....

    No 16:10 support? In 2015? Your loss....
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