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    PS4 'Cannot continue using the application'

    Everytime I try to play Farcry 4 I get this message: "Cannot continue using the application. The data for the following application is corrupted. Delete the application from the PS4, and then insert the disc again."

    I tried doing the rebuild database fix that I found on the net. That didn't work. I also got a new disc from EB games and re-installed the game. So I think I've tried pretty much everything.
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    Have you experienced this issue with other games as well? This sounds like it could potentially be a hardware issue with the PS4. There is a chance that the hard drive has somehow been damaged / corrupted. Try other games first. If you're experiencing the same issue then I would recommend reaching out to Sony support.
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    It doesn't do that for other games, no. I reached out to Sony and they told me to reinstal and do the rebuild data base fix. I've tried that a few times now and it doesn't work.

    It's just farcry that doesn't work. I hope it doesn't start doing that for other games.
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