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    This is so wrong!

    I realize this is not the right place to report bugs and stuff, but not only the game keeps getting worse due to bugs and battle-crashes, I also can't report it in a sub-forum dedicated to that, 'cause it's all locked for unknown reason so I had to bring it here 'cause I can't take it anymore. So, a lower level friend just added me and asked me to help him with his battle (which is pretty easy, below 2k battle power and I'm around 24k) and what happens? He can't see me act, nor can I see him, just skipping turns while I'm killing those minotaurs, HOWEVER - instead of it being an easy win (I'm a Necromancer, spammed them with slow and weakness and arcane bolt before they even moved) and destroyed the stronger stack of less than 300 minotaurs with my Vampire Lords and as I was preparing to kill the other unit (around 95 minotaurs) the game crashes, it says RETREAT!?!? and somehow I lost a portion of all my units which aren't cheap at all. Now, I understand if we really retreated that would be normal, but even if I was going to flee I would pay with gold, or in worst case scenario I would pay with Hero Seals to restart the battle and then surrender for gold, but this is unacceptable, considering it happens for 2 days in a row! I lost a stack of 49 Vampire Lords this way yesterday but I don't have a screenshot, however I have the one that just happened and here it is:


    I don't have endless time for this game and it's not easy stacking up all those resources and money and even though I'm a long time HOMM fan and I understand the difficulties of maintaining the ever-growing Online version I'm just not ok with this happening, even if it was just one unit, which is not.


    I asked him if he retreated and he said he didn't, he barely won the battle and I just disappeared from it, so there's absolutely no logic behind what happened.
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    Please note that this is not the right forum to post issues and bugs. There is a dedicated forum for MMHO to report bugs and issues.
    You can easily access it by visiting www.heroes-online.com and clicking on the link called “forum”. You will be redirected to the right forum where you can leave feedback, report issues and chat with other players.

    In this particular case I would highly recommend to contact our support team. A support form can be found on our website (www.heroes-online.com) and they will be able to finish the quest for you.

    Best regards
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