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    Disappointed Fan

    I've been a huge fan of Assassin's Creed from the start; I've got as many collectibles as possible and I always look forward to the next installment. However, I had to take the time to actually state that I, like others, are completely disappointed in Unity. Ubisoft, and all of the developers... you let us all down. Honestly, and whole-heartedly, you've made me shed a tear.

    When I play "Unity" I don't have fun. I'm not laughing, or smiling, or enjoying the game as I play... like I used to in the past. Now it's just full of frustrations and bugs, and you released this. Which is another thing that disappoints me. Instead of putting the game off, your people allow you to release such a bad title. If I had worked on this title.. I wouldn't want to share that information with anyone. This is extremely embarrassing; and as a fan... I can't defend you at all. Things are just that bad.

    * Free Run System is the worst I've ever seen it. It takes more time to get up, and down, a building than it does to simply walk around it.
    * Climbing/Descending is off - In previous titles they've been spot on... the character would go where I'm looking, but in Unity you haven't a clue where you might go.
    * Combat Camera is completely frustrating. It zooms into your character so you can't see the fight around you.
    * Multiplayer - I don't need to really touch on this; but it just doesn't work. It's 2014... everyone's got a Router these days. This was a massive failure by your networking/server devs.

    Playing this game is almost the worst thing I do right now; but because I'm a fan... I have to painstakingly get through the game and finish the story. No completionist this time around, it's just too painful. This is not the quality I expect from this series and as a major fan of Assassin's Creed, I'm ashamed. I hide my head in shame. You sold yourself to money, and instead of developing a game for the fans... you developed this game for the money. It's apparent... with all this Unity App junk, and all the In-Game purchases. You no longer care about your fans, and I no longer care about you. If you're going to treat us like money trees.. then we're going to treat you like pigs; and today I put your game to the slaughter.

    How can you ever make this right? You probably can't. The damage is done, I won't see any of my money again that I spent on this. Anything you fix in the future, doesn't fix the pain and frustration that you put us through in the past. The only way I'm happy; is to see the people that caused this gone. Public announcement and release of the people that caused this to happen. This should have been spotted in development, there's no excuse. When you trash something this bad, you have to pay the price. So, who's gone? Because I won't purchase a single thing from Ubisoft again until I see/hear that changes were made, people let go, and you're back in the right direction. (Get away from these stupid In-Game Purchases... that's not you. You're better than that Ubisoft.)
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    I totally agree with you. I am dissapointed as well Ubisoft. Everywhere money ... money ... and more money, but NO QUALITY. Please fix this or GTFO.
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    I am also adding the new slowpoke combat. I think counterkills made Assassin's creed combat unique, with the counter kill chains, which was really looked badass, and I spent hours and hours of watching the beautiful animations of execution in the previous games, but now the combat is boring and slow.

    But it wouldnt budge me , if I could actually play the game on a playable level, cause on every setting in every resolution I get below 20fps. And my rig is not bad at all.
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    im dissapointed too ,,,many small or bigger problems visually and gameplay likelly,,,and this pre order programm , coop ...arggh ...next ubisoft games i buy used from friends or somewhere else ...this milking of franchise need to stop
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