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    PC Controls

    There are more than eigth buttons and a stick on PC, you know, Ubisoft.

    I absolutely understand that there's no other way than contextual controls on consoles. But we have whole keyboard on PC, and, which is of more importance, contextual controls have never worked since they were introduced in AC III. It's frustrating when you fail to stay invisible, to fully synchronize or when you just die becuase the contextual controls have gotten the context a different way than you have. We on PC need a separate key for almost every action our character is capable of - interacting, stunning, looting, descending etc. Other way, the game appears to play us, not we - the game.

    Please, when you port a game on PC, put an effort in keeping it up to PC-specific standarts.
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    I use the xbox360 handle operation Keyboard is a bit weird
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