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    Are you like me and hate the stupid game save screen and religious in the beggining

    So if I could blow through it or it only lasted 5 seconds I would not care, but it takes forever anytime you load the game.

    Here's how to get rid of it, go to your Ubisoftgamelauncher/games/assassins creed unity/videos. Select the language folder that applies to you, for me its English, and delete the 2 files in there, no more 30 seconds of un necessary splash screens at the beginning of the game.
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    you can also remove the ubisoft splash screen by deleting the ubisoft file in the assassins creed folder last file on the bottom, I haven't seen how to remove the NVidia splash screen, but if you just press A you can by pass that anyway.
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    I typically just rename them in the event it borks something ingame. That said, you can also rename or delete the following to skip the rest of the intro movies (including Nvidia):


    Here's a qucik video I found if you run into trouble.
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