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    I come from Germany and i very interested.
    I playing stealth and i search a team for the game who i can play with them.
    When you search an player, im waiting
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    Europe - On PC
    Immersion NO HUD seeking tactical team players also with coherent loadouts that at least have a taste for the story we are playin (I am looking for GRWL team formation since September 2019 and created a group with which we have advanced in the mexican cartel dismantling) right now we are on pause but I am still looking for more Players so that when we restart we have a full force.

    Our style is similar to F.I.S.T. however we do not ask for money. nor we ask for forced training, we just want to find those experienced tactical players, who really have a good taste for immersion or who are from previous similar experiences and that can work well in a team that wants to BE IN THE GAME.

    So if you like these kind of Permadeath experience, and really look to stay away from talking like "let's get the loot" (we go instead for sabotage \ search \ destroy \ seize missions) .. or Tactical driving or play the **** out of the game by applying our creativity and coeherent planning to the setting the story as we have years individally of experience to bring in the game.

    If you want your time to be valued and you are mature enough to understand what I am talking of, make sure to contact me.
    I have no videos to show because we had not much time to organize "recruiting" videos since we are not a clan and we do not "recruit" .

    We look for seriously tactical friends for deploying to Bolivia (GRWL) and also later on to be ready and "like minded" in our diversity to enjoy in extremely immersive manner also other games.

    Thanks for your time, contact me or search through my profile to reach our discord, I am sure that if you understand what I mean and were looking for this, you have found your home, where you can meet other tactial buffs.

    Our immersion however is not just about movement, cover, and especially COMMS, but also non verbal communication like having loadouts that are coherent with the story and the time and the game we playing. (of course we don't have to look like Nomad - 5th SF US Army group aka Greenberets, in game, but at least know what is SF issued, or what is consistent and avoid Sci fi stuff...)

    We do an effort so we all can enjoy immersion by looking to each other and we focus in the gameplay when we are playing together.

    Take care and hear from you soon.

    On steam u can find me as "horsedancingwithcrow".
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    I'd like to play with a team who discuss plans/strats and toss around ideas to try out.
    Maybe even utilizing private matches to get the feel of the alterations that come map to map, I believe useful especially during a match where all must adapt on the fly at times.

    I'm still learning I say, and competing I believe with some game mechanics.
    I do listen and utilize advice when received, adapt to some quicker than others but continually strive to improve.
    Central time so only an hour off original poster I think.

    Manhunt- Less enjoyable mostly due to rushing peeps, target snakes, and more often seen weird things, ignoring abilities/civi stuns, and at times the envy of seeing coordinated teams woopin my
    @ $$
    Artifact assault- its OK. I don't approve of animus hack kill streak but do utilize different techniques and routes I don't normally use or enjoy. Running alot for example

    Domination- same its okay, I guess both just depend on team.

    DM- once my favorite is less now that I have new pursuer activity. Brand new I have many more pursuers now, example
    In 7th place 3-5 at spawn, any rank 3-6
    Use to after a stun I would get a short break, now I stun 1 gain 2 usually.

    Assassinate- use to like more but slightly less now in part from my own lack of knowledge I guess.

    Wanted- I prefer not to play but when very few lobby available take what ya can.

    Umm, oh stats, I don't fully understand all of it but things someone may ask to help assess me I'll put below.
    Please keep in mind there was a lot of trial and error, fewer kills more deaths in majority of sessions, had to learn a lot just to have chance to see a target, then locking right, then unseen approach, needs more improve IMO, finally faster enviro asses for better scores.
    Work in progress

    Average score/kill 295, in DM lately I most often range 250-900.
    The 1000+ I call rare, sometimes several others none.
    Best kill score, 2000 so far.
    Total kill 2484. Tot. Stun 728
    Sessions played 491
    Kill/death 0.93
    Win ratio 0.15, though while learning I've considered top 3 a win in DM/W/As especially against ranked peeps.

    I do have on and off days in DM terms
    Top 3 days or lower days.

    I believe you can send me a message here or I have a Ps4, if you want to play some time holler at me.

    * ugh a book, my bad
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