I remember years back when first playing this, animus hack was sorta banned from artifact assault.
Is this no longer an issue?
I still agree that it doesn't belong in that mode but is it not a issue now?
I think I remember a perk or streak in another match having the same treatment but unsure if it caught on the same.
There use to be a gentlemans agreement sort of nonofficial rules during game matches within the community.

Just generally accepted behavior mostly, insignificant things.
When somebody went against these, everyone would leave sessions, in a way it was like a block, it usually didn't take long when they couldn't play any matches they either stopped repeating the issue, quit playing for however long it took to be forgotten, or made a new account.

Honestly to me at the time it seemed the main reason behind it all was just to end the massive wave of bickering, ruined voice chat sessions, along with figurative and occasionally literal crying.

I purchased black flag again mostly for the MP.
Years back when playing the community was more vocal and more sessions were available.
Now I only had ac4 about a year I guess and things have changed for sure, definitely skill level of players has improved.