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    Cannot see the chat anymore

    Hi, i have this problem, yesterday i could see the chat and even talk on it but today, i cannot see anyone, i mean the chat box and everything is there but i cannot see anything and when i write things in it and send i dont see it, it just doesn't show...

    please help me chat is vital in mmo.

    PS: theres a little red ''no symbol'' when i hover on it it say show/hide chat but when i click on it dosent do anything dunno if this can help.
    Also, ive did all the basic thing to try to fix like clear cache.
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    Same problem

    I'm having the same problem. One day chat is fine, the next day battle chat is broken with a not connected message, now I can't chat on any channel, though I can send in game mail. Any resolution on this?
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    Please note that this is not the right forum to post issues and bugs. There is a dedicated forum for MMHO to report bugs and issues.
    You can easily access it by visiting www.heroes-online.com and clicking on the link called “forum”. You will be redirected to the right forum where you can leave feedback, report issues and chat with other players.

    Best regards
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    It's fixed now
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